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M-32 Long-Range Carbine
Production information

Accuracy Specfications


Carbine/Battle Rifle


$23,000 UNSC credits

Technical specifications
  • Length
    • 33 inches
  • Weight
    • 5.4 pounds (loaded with 10 rounds)
Magazine Size

10 rounds

Fire Mode
  • Semi Automatic
  • 3-round burst

Gas Operated

Rate of Fire

160 rpm




600 metres


[Covenant Carbine]




"This is the Accuracy Specifications M-32 Long-Range Carbine. It's powerful, long-ranged, and compact. It fires a clip of ten 10.5mm armor-piercing rounds capable of penetrating 4 inches of armor plate at ranges of up to 600 metres. It's factory-equipped with three sights. A Mark 45 Reflex Sight on the left side of the frame, an Accuracy 25 EagleEye 10x Magnification scope onto of the frame, and a set of iron sights at both ends of the barrel. There are four Misriah rails on this weapon. One under the barrel here, with the capability to fit a shotgun, grenade launcher, flashlight, or handgrip. Another here on the right side of the barrel, and a two ore on the top and left side of the frame, where the reflex sight and the scope are fitted.This is one powerful weapon"
―Nigel Dykes, President Of the Accuracy Specifications arms company


Built by the weapons firm Accuracy Specifications, the M-32 is a highly accurate weapon, issued to junior officers and support personnel, its light weight and manageable size making it idea for such uses. Unlike most other carbines it fires a 10.5mm round capable of killing Brutes with only 2-3 shots to the head. For a carbine its accuracy is superb, and its Accuracy 25 EagleEye scope allows a good marksman to sweep a battlefield with accurate fire. Some front line personnel have taken to carrying the M-32 although the fact that it only has a semi-automatic is a drawback, given the fact that the weapon's recoil compensation system, although highly effective for single shots cannot handle full auto bursts, although with a muzzle brake attachment, three-round bursts can be fired.

The M-32 is fitted with three sights, a Mark 45 Reflex Sight, an Accuracy 25 EagleEye 10x Magnification scope, and a set of iron sights. These options maximize the effectiveness of the M-32 at all ranges, although some users have reported trouble aiming the M-32 at close ranges.

UNSC Remarks

"Stopping power is phenomenal, range is good for a carbine, but the large round limits the amount of ammo you can carry, and keeps the clip size small."

"As long as your target keeps its distance you should be alright, although if you're good on the reflex sight, you should be able to shoot yourself out at close-range if you keep your head."

"My one gripe if the awkward placement of the reflex sight. Putting it on the left side of the frame makes it well, not so reflexive. Still, I've been glad of it more that once, even with those iron sights another scopeless aiming alternative is a must-have."

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