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Marksman 2 Pistol
Production information

Accuracy Specifications


3,875 UNSC credits

Technical specifications
  • Weight
    • 1.5 kilograms (unloaded), 1.9 kilograms (loaded)
  • Length
    • 400 mm
Magazine Size

8 rounds

Fire Mode
  • Semi-Automatic
Ammunition Type

15mm UNSC Ballistic Stability Semi-Metal Jacket.



Rate of Fire

100 rounds per minute


200 metres


250 metres


Necros War, Human-Covenant War





Long and heavy, the Accuracy Specifications Marksman 2 Pistol is a powerful and accurate pistol used in small numbers by military and law enforcement personnel. Derived from technology used by Accuracy Specifications in their target pistols and rifles, this weapon features a long barrel, precise, balanced action, and advanced optics that make it blisteringly accurate.


The Marksman 2 is a semiautomatic pistol built with two ideas in mind: stopping power and accuracy at ranges outside the reach of most service pistols.

Using Accuracy Specifications patented gas bleed system and inert weight counterbalances, recoil is kept to a minimum. Inside the slide there are two wights which, when the slide is blown back by the recoil, use bleed gas to slide forward, minimizing muzzle climb and barrel movement.

The magazine fits inside the handgrip and hold a total of 8 15mm UNSC Ballistic Stability Semi-Metal Jacket rounds which are streamlined to maximize stability in flight, although upon impact they expand, creating severe wounds.

Atop the slide is a 3x magnification scope designed to be used while held at arm's length from the shooter. This attachment leaves the shooter with no aiming aid at close range, and this drawback, combined with the weapon's slow rate of fire, makes it a poor choice for close-range firefights.

UNSC Remarks

"The skill required to use a weapon this accurate is beyond the reach of the average infantryman, so the only people who end up using them are Spec Ops, spies, or law enforcement people who don't have the room for a rifle or a carbine."

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