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Achak Clark
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UNSC Air Force

"I don't fight for the glory of a victory, nor do I fight for the vengeance of my enemies. I fight because I feel I must defend what's right. And in this case it's saving Humanity from the what may just as well be Satan himself."
―Achak Clark to Terrence Hood

Lieutenant General Achak Clark is a member of the UNSC Air Force and a member of the UNSC Security Committee. He also serves as the commanding officer of the Air Force Special Operations Command.

Early life

Achak Clark was born on January 3, 2472 to Ashwin Clark and Helaku Sanchez, a spokesperon for the Cherokee Tribe and a High School biology teacher, respectively. At the age of eight, Achak was described by his mother as being a "long haired, dark boy, always eager to learn". By the time he turned eighteen he was admitted to the UNSC Air Force Academy.

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