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Higher Rank


Lower Rank

Primary Lieutenant

  • 35-150 Soldiers
  • 10-20 Vehicles

This article refers to the Precursor Infantry Corps and Precursor Armoured Corps rank of Acting-Lieutenant. For the Precursor Navy rank, see Acting-Lieutenant (N).

Acting-Lieutenant, abbreviated ALT, is an officer rank in the Precursor Infantry Corps and Precursor Armoured Corps. Soldiers are usually promoted to this rank after ten or eleven months of service as a Primary Lieutenant.

In the Precursor Infantry Corps, an Acting-Lieutenant can replace a Primary Lieutenant as commander of his/her unit, or if proven skilled enough they can replace a Lieutenant as the commander of his/her unit, which gives them lots of flexibility. If a member of this rank dies, a Chief Operator or Primary Lieutenant will take its place.

In the Precursor Armoured Corps, an Acting-Lieutenant will replace the Primary Lieutenant or the Lieutenant as the commander of their vehicle squadron. This mean that like their Infantry analog, they have lots of flexibility. If they die, a Primary Lieutenant or Chief Bombardier will take their place as commander of the squadron.

Precursor Infantry and Armoured Corps Officer Ranks
Primary Lieutenant Acting-Lieutenant Lieutenant Staff-Officer Commander Acting-Commander Marshal Acting-Marshal Field Marshal

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