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Captain Adam-309, (birth name Adam Snow) was a Spartan II Class III Commando, and is one of the few surviving SPARTAN-II Class IIIs, and one of the few "genetically superior" SPARTAN-II Class IIIs. He participated in many battles of the Human-Covenant War, for example the Siege of Paris IV, the Battle of Reach and the Battle of Titan, in addition to numerous other liberation missions, such as the Cetus Campaign and Operation: HELLFIRE. Like all SPARTANs, his unit was absorbed into the SPARTAN-IV program, where he was placed into Ghost Company.

Mental Report

Adam-309 is more or less sane, although he suffers from some sadistic tendencies, especially against rebels. On one occasion, he strangled a rebel that had already surrendered. He was reprimanded for that act later.

He has been described as boastful and cocky, although cool under pressure. He frequently taunts enemies and is extremely brutal against insurrectionists.

As a child, he was somewhat spoiled, and would frequently talk back to DIs, resulting in punishment. This habbit was quickly ironed out by the brutal training.

Prefered Weapons

Adam favored close combat weapons, namely SMGs and shotguns. At one point, he learned swordfighting from a Sangheili swordmaster, as a hobby. However, even without sword training, he was highly proefficent with the sword, going up against a Shipmaster, sword-to-sword, even though he was nearly killed in the battle, until he "cheated" by sticking the shipmaster with a plasma grenade.


Adam is an expert in CQB, using Shotguns and SMGs to great effect. He also was highly talented at using captured energy swords, going toe-to-toe with a shipmaster in a swordfight, although he was about to lose until he managed to stick a plasma grenade to the shipmaster. He also had very sharp hearing, once killing a pair of cloaked Spec-Ops Sangheili by listiening to their footsteps.

Later, he received formal training in swordfighting, and became fearsome in melee combat. Interestingly, he was placed into Ghost Company, sharply contrasting the many snipers in the company, especially the company CO, Linda.


SPARTAN-309 was a poor sniper for a SPARTAN, hating sniper rifles greatly. This sharply contrasted the rest of Ghost Company, especially the company CO, Linda. He could even be out-sniped by many marine marksmen.


Early life

Adam was born on New Alexandria, Reach to a successful businessman and his wife. He was an only child and his childhood was mostly happy. However, everything changed when he was four years old. An insurrectionist attack left his parents dead, and Adam was adopted by his uncle, also a successful businessman. He managed to get on with his life. However, when he was six, after a series of strange tests at school, he was kidnapped from home and replaced by a flash clone. The said flash clone lacked common sense, and was run over while crossing the street.

SPARTAN Training

In 2540, Adam and the rest of the Spartan II Class IIIs were told that they were to be the best soldiers the UNSC could have at their disposal, becoming a weapon to strike against the Covenant and the Insurrection. Adam's ears perked up at this; he wanted nothing more than to avenge his parents by killing every innie in sight.

Adam initially did not cope well in training, as a result of his somewhat spoiled upbringing.This earned him the scorn of some other trainees who were brought up in more harsh environments. However, he adapted to the Spartan training, and managed to fit in. He was put into a three-man team, along with Olivia-361 and Lucia-349.

Human-Covenant War

Operation:REMUS (2548)

Turquoise Team's first ever mission was an assassination of a notrious drug dealer. The drug dealer in question was on the run after it was proven that he had alllocated drug funds to the URF, and suspected to be somewhere on Beta Gabriel. Turquoise Team was sent after him. They found him inside a summer mansion. However, the drug kingpin had several bodyguards.

Turquoise Team easily wiped out the guards, and killed the drug kingpin, despite his attempts to bribe them to stop.

Battle of Drakon (2548)

After their successful elimination of the drug dealer, Turquoise Team was moved back to the front. They were sent to the world of Drakon to assist in combating the Covenant on the ground.

Turquoise Team's mission was fairly simple. They were to eliminate several hundred Covenant infantry sent to flank around the main group. Turquoise Team launched several harassing attacks on their target, wearing them down, before finally making a direct assault, despite being outnumbered twenty to one. They destroyed the enemy lances. For several hours, they repeated the pattern, until the UNSC finally retreated. Turquoise Team was evacuated from the ground at the end of the battle.

The Paris Front (2548-2549)

Operation:UNSAFE HARBOUR (2548)

Turquoise Team's first mission in the Paris front was to destroy a Covenant refit station located in the [blank] System, similar to the Unyielding Heirophant, except much, much smaller, only capable of supporting a fleet of maximum twenty ships. Turquoise Team slipped into the station using a captured Seraph and docked on the ship. They then moved through

Adam guns down an Ultra Elite

the hangar, encountering initially a small amount of resistance. After emptying the hangar, they slipped through the hangars, using the SPI's stealth capabilities to reach engineering. From there, they planted a SHIVA Nuke, which would cause a chain reaction, destroying the space station and damaging the nearby ships. They returned to the hangar, stole another seraph and escaped.

Battle of Paris VII Gas Mines (2549)

Turquoise Team was sent to Paris VII, a gas giant rich in methane, to disrupt a Covenant gas mining operation, along with several platoons of ODSTs. They boarded the Covenant space station constructed there and attempted to destroy it. The human attackers steadily pushed forwards, encountering stiff resistance. Adam and Turquoise Team were sent to engineering, where they were to rig the station to self-destruct. Meanwhile, the ODSTs would create distractions and generally raise hell with the defenders. Despite the ODST's distractions, Turquoise Team still were forced to battle through hordes of Covenant. Just as they were about to reach engineering, a group of commando elites engaged Turquoise Team.

Turquoise Team battled with the commando elites, until all the elites were defeated. Sadly, Olivia-361 was killed in conflict. The rest of Turquoise Team rigged the ship to self-destruct and fled the ship. Unfortunately, reinforcements arrived and delayed the ODSTs in their attempted escape, resulting in Adam and Lucia being the only survivors of the Battle of the Paris VII Gas Mines.

Siege of Paris IV (2549)

Turquoise Team was deployed to the capital of Paris IV to defend against Covenant attack. Turquoise Team, located inside a dug out defensive position, fought off several waves of Covenant. However, the Covenant, quite fustrated with the stiff defence the UNSC put up, dropped five Scarabs into the city. The Scarabs rampaged around the city, smashing up the bunkers that had fustrated infantry and lighter vehicles for so long. Turquoise Team set out to take out the Scarabs.

Unfortunately, they were only partially successful in that regard. With some air support, they managed to destroy one Scarab and damage another, although the other two rampaged through the city, destroying much of the city's buildings that the UNSC forces were using as cover. The Covenant then moved in, wiping out much of the defenders.

Turquoise Team was one of the lucky few UNSC defenders that could be evacuated by Pelican, shortly before the world's defences faltered.

Operation:THUNDERBOLT (2549)

After the failure of the Paris front, and the subsequent loss of Paris IV, one of the last few strongholds for the UNSC, the situation was rapidly going south in the nearby area. Turquoise Team was part of a desperate counterattack on the Covenant, in an attempt to harras them and delay them.

The remains of the UNSC Navy in the area launched an attack on the Covenant while they were busy glassing Paris IV. The Covenant, taken by surprise, as they had transferred all power to the weapons, with no shields. MACs tore through hulls, Archers destroyed ships and two SHIVA nukes detonated in the middle of the Covenant fleet. Meanwhile, Turquoise Team, along with several elite squads of ODSTs were headed to attempt to board a Covenant destroyer.

Unfortunately, the Covenant fleet was quick to react, although Turquoise Team and the ODSTs made it on to the destroyer. They battled the Elites on the ship. Unfortunately, then never captured the ship, as they were forced to retreat by SpecOps Elites. However, they left 14 armed FENRIS warheads on the destroyer. Turquoise Team fled in a captured Seraph, and they managed to get on a UNSC Frigate, and escape the quickly-going-south operation, along with the few UNSC ships that were not completely destroyed.

Operation:WHITE LANCE (2549)

Operation:WHITE LANCE was an assassination attempt on a Sangheili Fleet Master-in fact, one of the more prominent commanders of the Siege of Paris IV. The fleet master in question was overseeing repairs to his ship after it took heavy damage during the Siege of Paris IV-a super MAC round had gone through a CSS-class Battlecruiser and then hit his ship.

Turquoise Team, attached to the Black-Cat-class Subprowler UNSC Ghosts of the Night, landed on the planet's refueling depot. They found the fleet master speaking with some of his subcordinates. Because they were not expecting an attack, the fleet master's shields were not activated, and was quickly killed. This prompted the Covenant to chase them, although once they had reached the spot they were at, they were long gone, in slipspace traveling away.

Operation:BLACK DAWN (2549)

Shortly after WHITE LANCE, Adam was sent to the former UNSC colony of Hat Yai, where the Covenant had unearthed an underground forerunner complex. Adam and Lucia were sent to destroy the complex. Deploying

EVA+Shotgun vs Elites
Adam retreats from Special Operations Elites

from the UNSC Ghosts of the Night, they fought their way inside the complex and planted a bomb. While initial resistance was light, further security came in the form of a squad of Special Operations Elites tried to kill the Spartans. They put the Spartans on the retreat, and they managed to escape from the complex and detonate the bomb, killing all Covenant in the area.

Battle of Roost (2550)

After Operation: BLACK DAWN, The Ghosts of the Night required refueling and needed to be re-armed. The ship docked at the UNSC Colony of Roost, and the entire crew, including Turquoise Team, took a short vacation of a two days. Unfortunately, as they were preparing to leave Roost, the Covenant launched an invasion of Roost. The invasion force was relatively small, only three Corvettes and one Frigate. Roost, having little in the way of orbital defences, had only the Ghosts of the Night, two Destroyers and four Frigates. Turquoise Team, who were still groundside, were deployed to the Lytzun Beaches, where the Covenant had landed.

Turquoise Team, assisted by Army Troopers, put down a Covenant recon force on the beaches, however, they were quickly followed by a single Corvette, deploying troops on a much larger scale. Turquoise Team fought them off again, however they were pushed back by greater numbers, in addition to the overwhelming fire support from the Corvette. Just as it seemed the beaches would fall to the Covenant, the Corvette was shot down by "wet" navy destroyers. Friendly reinforcements arrived by sea from landing craft, and the Covenant was surrounded. The wet navy provided fire support, and the Covenant was eliminated.

Meanwhile, in orbit, the battle was mostly won. Only the Ghosts of the Night and one Destroyer remained on the UNSC side, while a single Corvette remained on the Covenant side. The corvette managed to heavily damage the destroyer, but was destroyed by MAC rounds.

Second Battle of Roost (2550)

Quickly, reinforcements were sent to Roost. Thirty UNSC ships had been sent to Roost, in addition to sixty Mass Drivers installed on the surface of Roost, and many "wet" navy ships. In addition to that, the Lytzun Beaches were quickly excavated, and examples of forerunner artifacts were discovered for study. The Covenant arrived one week later in force-twenty Covenant warships prepared to attack. Turquoise Team, stationed again at the beaches, found themselves invaded by Covenant. A single carrier was deploying troops all over the beaches. Multiple "wet" navy battleships tried to take down the carrier, and after throwing dozens of ships at the carrier, they finally took it down. However, thousands of Covenant troops were already located on the beaches, and the battle begun.

Turquoise Team joined many army and marine troopers in defending a trio of Mass Drivers. They fought off many waves of Covenant, initially facing only infantry. However, Wraiths began trying to bombard their position, although a squadron of Scorpions eliminated the Wraiths. Meanwhile in orbit, the UNSC fleet was facing near total rout. The Covenant quickly focused their efforts in securing the beaches, throwing ship after ship at the beaches. Mass Drivers held them off, but more and more troops were deployed. Turquoise Team and their fellow troopers, seeing that the situation was hopeless, declared Bloody Arrow and fled. However, a rather brave, if foolish Pelican pilot attempted to extract them. Turquoise Team and the few surviving troopers managed to board the Pelican, get aboard the UNSC Savannah and escape Roost.

Analysis of the forerunner artifacts revealed that the Lytzun Beaches were a popular vacation spot for forerunner holiday-goers, and the "artifacts" were almost all toys.

Operation:SUMO (2550)

Operation:BOOMERANG (2550)

Operation:CHAIN (2551)

Fall of Reach (2552)

"There are consequences for glassing a world, shipmaster."
―SPARTAN-309 to a Sangheili Shipmaster, shortly before kiling him

Adam was stationed on Reach when the Covenant appeared in-system, and he was initially ordered to defend the Orbital Defence Platform generator. They were traveling in a hornet, along with an air force pilot. However, they received reports that two scarabs were headed right for the generators. Adam and Lucia went ahead to take them down. They took a Hornet, each Spartan leaping off the Hornet, landing on the Scarab, rigging it to blow, getting back on the Hornet and fleeing. They then returned to the generator, only to find that it was already being overrun and destroyed.

Hijacking a Ride

The two Spartans and their pilot, at Adam's suggestion, avenged the defending Marines and Spartans by killing the remaining Covenant. At Adam's suggestion, they ditched the Hornet and hid, waiting for Covenant extraction craft to arrive. Sure enough, a Spirit soon arrived to extract the Covenant forces. However, instead of triumphant warriors, they

Adam and an Elite shipmaster discuss the ethics of glassing a planet.

found two angry Spartans and a UNSC Pilot. The three of them killed the pilots and flew the Spirit to a Covenant frigate. They rampaged through the frigate, killing much of the crew. It was apparent that many of the fighters were busy on Reach's surface, battling with Marine and Army personnel all over the planet. They slew the entire crew, encountering only light resistance. The only main obstacle was the shipmaster of the ship, which Adam duled using an energy sword that was captured from the ship's armory. However, once they had secured the bridge that neither SPARTAN or pilot had no idea how to fly the ship.

Securing a Driver

In the end, they risked sending out a message, hoping that somebody would have a vauge idea how to fly the ship. The SPARTANs were in luck, and an ONI Agent that had extensive training in Covenant systems, along with several marines and a 7th Generation "Smart" AI received their signal. They sent the pilot to pick them up in a Spirit, and returned to the ship. The SPARTANs and the marines began doing a deck-by-deck search for surviving Covenant, and found mostly terrified grunts. They killed all survivors, and dumped their bodies off the ship.

No, we're not here to pick you up-we're here to kill you

The crew of the captured frigate then went to look around the area, looking for UNSC survivors. They found a group of almost hundreds Covenant, and received a message from an Ultra Elite named Karos 'Garamee, claiming that he had wounded and required them to activate the Gravity Lift and extract them. Instead, the UNSC members activated the weapons systems, blasting the Covenant warriors. They managed to evacuate a couple Marines, and then made several blind jumps, continuing their deck-by-deck search for survivors, all while sweeping the ship for tracking devices.

Battle of the Sol System (2552-2553)

Titan (2552)
"Twenty wraiths, about a hundred infantry, just two of us. I pity the Covenant."
―Adam-309 on the size of their target.

Adam-309 and the rest of Turquoise Team was sent to was sent to defend Titan, a moon orbiting Saturn, from Covenant attack. They found themselves holding down defensive positions around the capital of the city, Othrys. A massive horde of Phantoms began flying towards the city. The AA guns of the city were overwhelmed by sheer numbers, and Covenant forces began landing all over the city, followed by massive groups of infantry approaching from outside of the city, along with armor support.

Turquoise Team was sent to defend a shipyard on the outskirts of the city from Covenant attack, along with two hundred ODSTs. The SPARTANs/ODSTs had several mounted missile pods and mounted heavy machine guns. The initial wave consisted of a couple grunts, and was promptly dealt with in a matter of seconds. However, sheer numbers began gradually wearing down the UNSC Numbers, and as Covenant armor began to approaching the position, shipyard, the situation gradually got worse and worse.

With Wraiths bombarding the position from afar, Covenant infantry and light vehicles coming non-stop at them, the UNSC forces, despite having superior positions and cover, were gradually being overrun by sheer numbers. After two hours of almost non-stop fighting, Turquoise Team and the ODSTs were forced to fall back, leaving the shipyard to be destroyed by the Covenant. They soon found that the various defensive positions around the outskirts of the city were in similar positions, and fought for every bloody inch with the Covenant, being pushed back slowly but steadily.

Turquoise Team, along with just under a thousand ODSTs, Marines and Army that were defending positions on the outskirts of the city that were overrun fell back to an couple drab, ugly but defensible apartment buildings. Placing as many turrets around the buildings and surrounding areas as possible, and digging down, they proceeded to hold off the Covenant again.

This time, they were in luck-the streets of the area they were holding out in made usage of Covenant tanks impossible. Since the UNSC forces were defending, they had a massive advantage. They mined the area, making advance a slow, painful approach for Covenant. However, again, sheer numbers overwhelmed the UNSC Defenders and they were forced to keep falling back after 5 hours.

Shortly afterwards, all forces were ordered to fallback to Rally Point Kilo, which was an ONI-controlled building, and also fairly defensible. They were then informed that this was one of the last places in the city that was defensible, and that they would have to hold the line at all costs. The UNSC forces continued to defend the area, as with the orders.

Meanwhile, Turquoise Team was sent to take down a group of wraith tanks that were bombarding the UNSC base from afar. They snuck towards the Wraith's positions, and found that there were roughly twenty wraiths in the remains of a nearby mall. Luckily, none of the wraiths were paying much attention. Turquoise Team snuck towards the position, and with Lucia covering Adam with her sniper rifle, he snuck in the area, armed with his weapons and a Fury tac-nuke. He managed to sneak into the Covenant camp and arm the nuke, and then escape. This caused the Covenant forces to be reduced by twenty Wraiths and about a hundred infantry.

They were then given another mission, this time to destroy another similar group of AA Wraiths. This would allow the pelicans to extract the surviving UNSC forces. Turquoise Team made their way to the location of the AA Wraiths-a park at the center of the city. Turquoise Team slipped into the camp, rigged the warhead and fled again.

Now, the pelicans could safely land and provide reinforcements. The UNSC forces were able to use the window of opportunity to escape the doomed moon before more Covenant arrived.

Battle of 4 Vesta (2552)

While retreating from Titan to Earth, they found a Covenant corvette docked on 4 Vesta. The corvette was damaged, and the Covenant were attempting to repair it. Turquoise team decided to stop and trade up their pelican for the corvette. They landed the pelican near the repair site, where several grunts, engineers and brutes were trying to repair the corvette.

Turquoise team and a squad ambushed the few brutes and grunts that were defending the area, hammering them easily, with their pelican pilot providing air support, leaving only the engineers alive. They quickly managed to secure the damaged corvette, although they found that the engine was crippled beyond serious repair, that would take several months. They left the corvette on the asteroid and continued back to Earth.

Battle of Luna (2552)
Battle of Hokkaido (2552)

Once at Earth, they were quickly sent to help reinforce UNSC soldiers in Hokkaido. Turquoise Team was deployed in HEVs, and Adam in fact made a kill before he stepped out of his pod when he landed on a brute. The brute was crushed, and so was the lance the brute in question was commanding when Adam stepped out, assault rifle in hand.

They had apparently landed slightly of course-right in the middle of Covenant lines, according to information supplied by satellites. Turquoise Team quickly began heading for the UNSC forces, using a "borrowed" prowler. (The original owner would no longer be needing it, as he was buried in the snow.) Their arrival to UNSC positions was described as "badass" by nearby marines, who were quite surprised to see a prowler crashing into the shade turrets and heavy machine guns that had been pinning them down, and then cutting down a platoon-sized group of enemy soldiers.

After that, the assisted the marines in holding off Covenant attackers. When the defenders requested air support, HIGHCOM denied them, as all air support was already used up. This was when Turquoise Team proposed an idea-if HIGHCOM wouldn't give them air support, they would steal banshees from the Covenant instead.

After stealing a phantom while it landed to deploy troops, Turquoise Team and a squad of ODSTs took the phantom back within Covenant lines, and then found a trio of parked banshees. Turquoise Team and a single ODST took the banshees, and while the captured phantom headed back to the UNSC lines, Turquoise Team and the ODST in the banshee began fighting the Covenant in the air as well. They destroyed two phantoms and several enemy banshees, and bombarded many enemy positions.

After a few hours of combat, the Covenant retreated.

Battle of Tokyo (2552)

While Turquoise Team was successful in turning the tide of the Battle of Hokkaido, the fight was going south in the metropolis of Tokyo, one of Earth's largest cities. Turquoise Team, in banshees, along with an ODST team in a Phantom headed straight for Tokyo, with the rest of the UNSC forces following them to reinforce the UNSC defenders. When they arrived, they sent a message informing UNSC AAA and Air Support that they were friendlies flying captured banshees. While they were not shot down, they were instructed to hand over the banshees to UNSC Air Force pilots so that the SPARTANs could fight on the ground.

Turquoise Team quickly joined the ensuring fray, fighting in the streets and buildings of Tokyo. Turquoise Team, which had landed somewhere in Shinjuku, headed to a hotel-turned-bunker that the UNSC were using. Shortly after they reported to the rest of the defenders, a pair of hunters and a platoon-sized group of brutes entered the building. Adam was responsible for killing one hunter, and a marine with a rocket launcher killed the other one.

After that, a counterattack on the Covenant begun. While the UNSC Marine, Army and police defenders had been surrounded and were making a final stand in central areas of the city, and Covenant approaching from all directions, the arrival of reinforcements changed things greatly.

The UNSC defenders forces made a push north, while the newly arrived reinforcements pushed south, using a classic hammer-and-anvil tactic, completely destroying the Covenant in some areas of the city. It was only after the UNSC forces united that the Covenant counterattacked, thanks in part to poor organization/communication on their behalf.

While the Covenant finally counterattacked, Turquoise Team was sent to assassinate the leader of the Covenant in Tokyo, War Chieftan Karvus. Taking two captured Ghosts, they zoomed through the city streets, avoiding Covenant patrols through various side streets and aerial reconnaissance. They soon located the Chieftan, who was making a report to his prophet superiors.

The SPARTANs interrupted his report with several shots from a sniper rifle, killing the Chieftan instantly. This left his bodyguards, who quickly began chasing them on Choppers, with hostile banshees providing air support. Unable to shake the enemy vehicles, Turquoise Team was forced to take shelter inside what appeared into a residential building, and then slew some of the pursuing brutes, before escaping again in the Ghosts.

Unfortunately, the delay had proved to be unwise-this had allowed huge amounts of enemy reinforcements to surround the building. Turquoise Team, in what would on later reflection seem like a reckless move, took the Ghosts to an eight story building, and drove right out of a window, using the artificial gravity generators to survive the fall, and drove away, resulting in more Covenant chasing them.

However, Turquoise Team's successful assassination of the chieftan had resulted in chaos within the Covenant ranks, with various Captains fighting for overall command. The UNSC made use of this to win the battle, and send an extraction force. Turquoise Team suddenly found a falcon arriving to pick them up.

Rebuild Era

Operation:SANDBAR (2553)

Operation:JACKHAMMER (2553)

Battle of Chiron (2553)

Battle of Phoenix (2554)

Operation:KATANA (2554)

Operation:NUNCHUCK (2554)

Operation:SAVIOR (2554-2556)

Cetus Campaign (2556-2557)

Operation:HYDRO (2556)
Operation:WHIRLPOOL (2557)
Second Battle of Chi Ceti (2557)

Operation:CROWN (2558)

Operation:EMPEROR (2558)

Operation:OAK (2558)

Second Battle of Palace (2559)

Operation:PRINCE (2559)

Operation:SPAGHETTI (2560)

"Okay, which moron named this operation?"
―Adam-309 on Operation:SPAGHETTI

Operation:TIGER SHARK (2560)

Remnant War




Quotes & Conversations

"SPARTAN-IIIs? Never heard of them."
―Adam-309 on SPARTAN-IIIs.

"Jesus, he's right! Grunts are just dropping dead!"
―Adam-309 on the many Grunts dying due to their lack of methane during the Battle of Titan.

―Adam to Lucia.

Unnamed Rebel: "According to the Genva Convention, you can't do this!"
Adam-309: "Fuck you, fuck your mother and FUCK that FUCKING 600 YEAR OLD PIECE OF SCRAP PAPER!"
―Adam and a Rebel discuss the Genva Convention

Karos 'Garamee: "This is Ultra Domo Karos 'Garamee, we need extraction. We have many wounded warriors and-"
Adam-309: "Negative"
Karos 'Garamee: "What are you doing? That's the plasma-"
— Karos 'Garamee's last momments.

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