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Corpsman Adam Triviani is a 2nd Generation VORON Intelligence Department Operator that took part in the defensive theatre during the UNSC-Exile War. As part of VORON's Supersoldier initiative, he was recruited from a large number of augmentation compatible canditates, who in turn were selected for notable actions during the UNSC-Exile war, or the second Insurrection.

As with all VORON Supersoldiers, Adam Triviani was given a VORON Certified Combat Exoskeleton. Triviani was a talented soldier, his skill up close almost makes up for his lack of dexterity with firearms.

Adam's childhood dream was to lead an army in the UNSC, a dream that will never be achieved because of his lack of leadership abilities. Even after his action's in the MAGINOT campaign, the UNSC High Brass still did not believe he was worthy of leading his unit: Sigma Squad. After the death of his Commanding Officer, Commander Mayers, Adam went into a violent, almost phsycotic rage - an episode he was penned for a court martial for.

Tactical control of the Squadron has given to Lieutenant Bradley Shivers, who was also killed in action during evacuation via Albatross Dropship. Their Albatross Dropship was shot down over the Continent of Hayli on the Colony: Alderney. Triviani, who survived the crash along with York-A252 and the then-Captain Rosevelt and other Augmented Personnel were soon overrun by Exile Armored Forces. Separated, and being Overrun, Sigma Squad was isolated from other UNSC Forces, with no other options and a weakened will to live - Adam sacrifised himself to save the other members of Sigma Team, an almost vain sacrifise as all other Sigma Team members were killed with the exception of York-A252, who later played a key role in OPERATION ENDWAR.

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