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Adam Deadrus Graves
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Chronological and political information

Young Life

Adam Deadrus Graves was born in 2525 on the UNSC colony world, Altaria, in the 111 Tauri System. He was born to a young woman, Magdeline Deadrus, who raised him without a father from the age of five on, despite the lack on monetary income. His father was General Howard Graves, who had promised his mother a secure future in the new world order he would implement when the rebel forces overthrew the UNSC. When his father was killed, instead of avenging his fathers death, he was changed into a young man with ambitions rather than a playful little boy. He vowed to bring honor to his family name, and spent his entire school life working towards becoming eligible to attend the OCS Luna Academy.

Later Life

Adam graduated the OCS Luna Academy in four years at the age of 22 in 2547, with high honors. Although he despised his father for abandoning his family when he was five, he held mixed feelings for the UNSC who had killed him. Though not anti-UNSC, he did not feel like placing himself in harms way for the entity until he could come to terms with how his life plan had worked out. He opted out of military service on the terms that he would be conscripted when and if the UNSC needed his services. On these measures, he joined multiple outfits of cargo service, including the I.S.S. Hesperus in March, 2550, replacing the previous Captain, Jacob Martin. He is currently in command the UNSC Hesperus.

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