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John Stevenson
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John Stevenson was a UNSC four star Admiral who commanded the Marathon class cruiser from 2518 to 2552.



John Stevenson's childhood was much like many other children. He went to a public school on Reach, and dreamed of being a soldier. In his young days, he had an almost unhealthy love of the computer and of tactical war games. He flunked several classes in his early years playing vid games, but soon changed his ways, and became an A+ student. By the time he was out of school, he knew what he wanted to be: an Admiral in the growing UNSC navy.

Service in the Military

At the age of 18, John joined an Officers Candidate School on Reach. He graduated near top of his class, and became an ensign on a ship for several years, before being promoted to commander, then to Captain. In 2518, he was given command of a new Marathon class cruiser, the UNSC Danas. However, the assignment turned out quickly to be a joke. The Danas was placed in orbit over Reach as a defensive vessel, and while John was promoted to Admiral, he received no ships to command, and was left defending Reach against no one for almost thrity years.

However, in the early 2550s, Stevenson's luck began to change. The covenant were closing in, and the defenses around Reach were being fortified. By 2552, Steven had command over two other ships, the UNSC Valley Forge and the UNSC Deadalis, a Marathon class cruiser and a FFG frigate. In addition, he would finally see his first combat in almost thirty years, much sooner than he realized.

On August 30, 2552, only scant more than two weeks after receiving his command, Reach came under attack by the Covenant. During the battle, Stevenson guided his Taskforce in the destruction of several enemy vessels, but soon saw the fight was hopeless and withdrew. He brought his forces to the Eagle Nebula, but he came under attack yet again. During the course of the battle, Steven's cruiser was hit with multiple plasma torpedoes and was destroyed, killing him aboard it.

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