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The Aegis Shield was a military decoration and a campaign ribbon issued by the UNSC Defense Force to UNSC personnel who participated in the Second Battle of Earth in late 2552, resisting the Covenant and Brute occupation of the UNSC homeworld.

The ribbon is an image of the Aegis, the indomitable shield of Athena and Zeus fashioned with Medusa's head that represents guardianship and honor.

The Aegis Shield is a highly coveted decoration because of the significance of the Defense of Earth — the successful UNSC resistance, later rallied by the arrival of a Sangheili Separatist war fleet, would drive off the Covenant armies off of Earth, and allowed for the protection of the birth cradle and homeworld of humanity, mankind's most precious planet. A recipient of the Aegis Shield was Delta-One, a ground operator during the engagement.

Behind the Scenes

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