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General Info

Aeocrown, as it is known by the Kriger Laug, is a rare metallic substance found only on the planet Nocturn V.


Aeocrown was created by the mass volcanic activity and solar collision on Nocturn V. The contents of the volcanoes on Nocturn V are very different than those known on other worlds.


Aeocrown is a dark ash looking metal that is 23 times more durable than steel. Its composition also has a substance that increases the energy output of any device known to the universe. The forerunners once used the Aeocrown, for a test of the Array weapon. The power levels grew to extreme levels, and so the forerunners ceased to use it. Had it been present on the current array, the pulse of the halo would have been enough to extend to the outer rim of the Andromeda Galaxy.

Kriger Laug

The Kriger Laug use the Aeocrown as their main metal of choice. While normally kriger power output would be very small, due to the fact they have not been a been able to develop solar technology since they have no sun on their homeworld. The Aeocrown supports the needed power output needed for space travel and slipsace travel.

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