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Aeolos Fleet, otherwise known as the sixth fleet, was the first hostile Exile fleet encountered by the UNSC, shortly after negotiations broke down. The UNSC encountered the Exiles above New Beufort, a poorly guarded backwater colony rife with political instability and rebellion.

The UNSCDF 23rd Royal Fleet was located in the northernmost battlecluster in orbit (Formation: 21 Service Warships, 12 UNSC Frigates, and 1 Marathon Cruiser.), with Non-Covenant Vessels approaching, and the existence of Exiles still classified, the UNSC was unprepared for the slaughter that unfolded above New Beufort. Though some were equipped with energy shielding, the extremely advanced explosive weaponry of the Aeolos fleet decimated the outer lines before the UNSC was given a chance to engage.

Utilizing only average energy shielding, about 65% of the strength, but sporting advanced missile technology and dozens of nuclear weapons - the 21 underpowered 6th fleet blew through the shocked UNSC formation with alarming speed. Lacking maneuverability, but with a significant advantage in speed the UNSC was unable to properly engage Aeolos.

Most of the Exile vessels, Frigates were armed with rough energy projectors, roughly stabilizing plasma and firing firing them from the sides of the vessel. Though significantly inferior to the Covenant variant in terms of range, and precision; the Exile variant more than counteracted the disadvantage with raw power. Viewed by many as a wasteful weapon, the Exile energy projectors fired a large, wide stream of superheated plasma, barely stabilized by the underpowered electromagnets that keep the weapon functional. The large 'cloud' of plasma, though unless at close range would dissipate quickly - is extremely damaging to UNSC Vessels, as the heat swarms the vessel's outer plating instead of a single, isolated area.

The energy projector are fired from the sides of Exile frigates, while using their speed to plough through UNSC formations, searing and melting battle-plating as the frigate passed by. Energy projectors also work surprisingly well against UNSC energy shielding. Also fired from the side of the vessel are energy cannons, which stabilize and heat plasma until the colour visually turns red, and from that point is aimed at an enemy target, and accelerated to 200 km/s. The energy cannons lack any sort of advanced homing, but have an incredible rate of fire and advanced targeting systems which increase accuracy by 59%.

Some reports say that there are also 'Missile' type weapons, that are ejected from revolving cylindars protruding from the sides of the vessels and ignite their fuel accelerating to 150% the speed of the average Ares Missile, though doing significantly more damage due to advanced compounds being used in the explosive, which compress explosive material the size of a basketball into the size of a fingernail clipping. These missiles, encased in an unknown, but relatively strong material fly toward UNSC vessels, gaining enough velocity to puncture weakened, or thin plating and detonate on the inside of the UNSC vessels.

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