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The Aerial Form is a specialised manifestation of the Flood lifeform, being uniquely capable of flight. Aerial Forms are formed from suitably-built combat forms, and serve the role of scavengers for Flood hives. They are a common sight in areas of heavy Flood infestation, tasked with the purpose of finding and retrieving biomass for development of Flood forms or conversion to combat forms: this may involve carrying corpses, or carrying live beings suitable for infection. While this task is an Aerial form's primary purpose however, Flood hives that have surpassed their Feral stage and achieved a connection to the Gravemind intelligence may use Aerial forms in more tactical capacities during battle.

Due to the necessary bodily alterations for flight however, Aerial forms suffer from a fragility uncommon to other Flood forms, and are considered to be the most easily dispatched combat-oriented Flood forms.

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