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To: UNSC Sec. Com. HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6, Sydney Australia Security Filter Home

Date: 12/27/2555

Sub: 2555 Year in Review Presentation Jack Cortès on terrorist activity.

From: Rear Admiral Jack Juan Cortès UNSC Navy

Attached: UEM Presentation Profile Doc: UNSCSCHIGHCOM Presentation Jack Cortès


This year has been a tough year. If you would look at the first slide you can see that URF activity is at its highest since before the Human Covenant War. As you all know the United Planetary Union was formed in 2553. Their intentions were initially peaceful until March of '54 when one Victor Charleston,if you check your packets his profile is in there, took office as prime minister. Now he has been declared Prime Minister for life and has begun mobilizing his forces.They have a large force of almost a billion men.Daily he sends propaganda throughout

On the URF I believe that terrorist activity will continue increasing. We have had many incidents involving terrorists that have occurred on UNSC Military Installations. Most prominent of these was the attack on Camp Barlock on Atlas. During a concert by the rock band Clean, 15 armed gun men entered the room and opened fire. The resulting losses were 25 dead and 43 wounded.

I believe we need to counter these threats. We must create a task force which can operate by itself. I know we have the UNSC Super Carrier being built that has capabilities beyond even the Peace Keeping line of Super Carriers. Now she will not be completed for some time so I suggest we use the first ship of the Peace Keeping Line of Super Carriers to start a task force that will be able to combat the rising threat of the URF and UPU. I suggest that I become the head of this task force. I am the most qualified in the Navy.

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