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March 2553: All Covenant forces have been driven out of Sol. System and only Humans and Sangheilions remain. Human population has dwindled, down from 34 billion in 2525 to just 200 million in 2553.

April 2553: Mass riots break out as Australia - the only continent and largest land mass left untouched by the Covenant's invasion of Earth - is overwhelmed with refugees from Africa, Europe and the Middle-East as well as evacuees from Io, Mars and Reach. ONI's de facto head office in Brisbane is stormed as well as it's other major offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra.

May 2553: Millions of displaced humans start to recolonise abandoned Planets and Moons in Sol. System and Epsilon Erandi System. Pressure on Australia starts to lift.

August 17th 2553: ONI and the UNSC start candidate selection for the Spartan IV Project

November 2553: The first UEG General Election in 17 years is held as Martial Law is lifted.

2554 - 2589: A Post-War Economic Boom and Population Boom takes place with space mining leading the charge as the sandpit for rebuilding Earth and her colonies and stable circular flow of wealth.

2561: The first joint peacetime Human-Sangheili military war games are completed.

2569: The first abandoned human outer colony is reached and re-terraforming starts immediately

2573: 20th anniversary of the war's end. First army of Spartan IVs is completed, with MJOLNIR Mark X Armour.

2578: 50000 Spartans are now in military service, with 35000 stationed at the new UNSC headquarters colony of Outremor and 10000 at Earth.

2589: The human population has boomed back to 2 billion people, with birth rates still on the increase. Annual economic growth for Earth and Sol. System colonies is in the double digits and rising with new colonies in the triple digits. Reach has been fully re-terraformed and re-colonisation is underway. Spartans now number half a million and are slowly phasing out ordinary marines. Every year the program become more economical, cost-effective and less strenuous on the candidates themselves. As a result of exposure to Forerunner and Covenant technoliges mixed with humanity's own innovative abilities, humanity now has the technological knowledge and capabilites of a Tier 1.5 civilisation, however this technological boom has been advancing so rapidly that humanity still functions as a Tier 2.5 civilisation.

2590 - 3000

2590 - 2811: The Post-War Economic Boom is declared over. A peacetime economic superboom is now in effect with growth across economic and population centers unparallel to anything in human history. By 2811 the human population is at 390 billion.

2614 - A brooding Brute loyalist force mounts a ground invasion of a Sangheilios moon. The Elite's lunar and orbital armies are caught offguard and obliterated. As the rest of the Sangheilion army rushes to defend it's other moons and the planet itself, the Racial Coalition Treaty is enacted and 4 UNSC superfleets are sent to Sangheilios to aid the Elites. The Superfleets collectively contained 35000 Spartans of the 4 million in military service. It was the first real military test for the Spartan IVs and their successes were overwhelming. The invading Brute army was crushed in five days and it's space fleets destroyed in another two. The other moon where the Brutes had built up their arms was discovered by humans after attaching a tracking device to a fleeing brute cruiser. The moon glassed by new human ships.

Still researching the rest of this, will be completed soon.

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