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This story a story to behold describes the adventure of humanity after the human covenant war. It starts right after the end of the war into the dark age of the galaxy. Even after the war, there is tension in multiple races. The covenant break up wasn't a peaceful one, wars going on constantly. The Sangheili Clan Republic has entered a war of revenge, fueled by their hatred of the Covenant Remanants and the multiple Brute Clan Union The other races, too weak to defend themselves, are forced into the other races petty wars. The UNSC is in civil war with insseructions popping daily, and with their military stretched to the limit. Multiple other factions will come in and will casue peace or maybe war. Each group has its own separate story and view points that connect somehow. something so common it's like getting the mail every day. In these times, peace is often just a dream...


The tattered ruins of humanities armies, it survives barely after the war. Already stretched to the limit, with few soldiers left to guard earth most remaining clonies (few left) were abandoned to fend for themselves. Essetinally the solar system was once again humanities haven in the galaxy. Corruption filled the governments of earth, the UEG is barely able to control colonies, with almost no soldiers keeping the peace rebellions and revolutions fill the remaining colonies. Even so, the human population has dropped into 2 billion with some estimations dropping into the low 900 million. Earth itself only had 100 million people, but with the refuges it now has 982 billion people, however, the planet can no longer support that many civilians. Even the defense force, a meager 1.3 million soldiers is barely able to keep the peace. The old mega cities of earth have been levelede by the covenant years ago. Before the war, on earth, most people lived only in a few mega cities. Some like Mombasa supported a population higher than some countries in the 21st century. The few that lived isolated or in small towns where the ones who survived. Survival is something the UNSC has trouble even doing.

Sangheili Clan Republic

The pride people known as the Sangheili are now mad creatures vegneful of there betrayel. The SRC was created to protect their race and to unify them all. It was for the best of the Sangheili, to live a better life. In their council, greed and the hunger for power filled their veins. Boredom was maybe one cause, but the most probable reason is their incredible honor system. Their own honor system has corrupted them, to a pointless genocide of their enemies. Even when hopelussly out gunned, they fight to the death. They have become, what the always never wanted to be, monsters. Their wars with the Brutes and prophets drain their armies, exhaustion. It all fell apart when, their homeworld Sanghelios was invaded.

Brute Clan Union

They are the remains of the brutes, who didn't follow the Covenant Remnants. They control Dosiac and 16 other brute colonies. This Union, is barely one with civil wars going on everyday. The government is a loose one, and who ever is the strongest ends up ruling the planet. Starengely the aftermath of the Great war, didn't affect the brutes too much. Then again, they didn't have much before or after the human covenant war. Their home planet, Dosiac, is heavily defended even compared to brute standards. There crazy and monstorous nature is terrifying and will not hesitate to invade a planet. Their love for war and blood even disgust the Elites. Luckily for most races, they can never unify correctly and they're loosing knowledge on how to maintain or even build ships. While they still can though, there gonna cuase incredible amounts of danger.

Covenant Remenants

They are the remains of the Covenant, lead by their still deranged leaders the prophet. The lunatic leader the Prophet of Peace has led his people to believe that humanity/elites have degraded the sacred artifacts of the god. Thus they believe they are all dammned due to angering the gods. So, the gods unleasehed the flood oncemore to purge the galaxy clean. This is what the new prophet believes, is the new great journy. The prophet of Peace believes, that if they find the flood and release them, the gods will forgive them and let them go on the great journey. Yet, no ones is going to let them do that without a fight.


This is the timeline for all events in the Aftermath series:

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