The data recorded here is only accessible to officers with proper clearance. Any breach of secrecy will be traced and intruders will be detained and erased.

Against All Odds Office of Naval Intelligence


The Office Of Naval Intelligence deals with the history, running, and everyday operations of the Against All Odds Extended Universe. The actual members are not publicly announced, however, they might be anyone within the universe. This Office exists only to ensure the smooth continuation of this EU, as well as keep articles with in the Universe of the highest quality, and to remove any articles not meeting that standard.

AAO ONI Chain of command
  1. Vice-Admiral CLASSIFIED, UNSC Navy (Senior ONI officer, Head of board)
  2. Brigadier-General CLASSIFIED, UNSC Marine Corps (Deputy head of board)
  3. Captain CLASSIFIED, UNSC Navy (Member of board)
  4. Lieutenant-Colonel CLASSIFIED, UNSC Marine Corps (Member of board)
  5. Commander CLASSIFIED, UNSC Navy (Intelligence officer, KIA Reach)
  6. Lieutenant-Commander CLASSIFIED, UNSC Marine Corps (Member of board)
  7. Captain CLASSIFIED, UNSC Army (Field officer, MIA Reach)
  8. Lieutenant CLASSIFIED, UNSC Navy (Field officer, MIA Reach)
  9. First Lieutenant CLASSIFIED, UNSC Marine Corps (Former field Officer; dishonourably discharged, discredited and terminated)
  10. Lieutenant (j.g.) CLASSIFIED, UNSC Navy (Flag Lieutenant, COMONI)