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The Age of Amendment succeeds the Age of Reclamation, and the second Age of Amendment takes place during the year 2556. It is an age christened by the Sangheili, not the Covenant Loyalists, and refers to a time to make amends, among their new covenant, and to their allies, the humans.


1st Age

  • The Fallen split from the Sangheili military and was established. Political tension is stirred up on Sanghelios.

2nd Age

  • SPARTAN-116 is found frozen in space and resurrected by the crew of the Shadow of Intent. Rtas 'Vadum later finds the rebuilt planet Reach and helps the UNSC forces defeat the hostile Forerunner warlord Oberion.

3rd Age

  • Lak 'Vadam passes away.

4th Age

  • The Fallen begin open war with the Sangheili, and kidnap hundreds of newborns and take them to Earth to turn the military against the humans.

6th Age

  • The Fallen are defeated and disbanded by SPARTAN-III Delta Phoenix Team.
  • The Path Walkers begin war with the Interspecies Union.
  • Fira 'Demal is killed by the Judicator.

8th Age

  • Adra 'Vadam is killed by the Judicator.

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