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Aggitator Fighter Bomber
Production information


Technical specifications

Equivalent to UNSC Grade 2

  • 3x 30mm railguns
  • 10x air-to-air missiles or
  • 10x air to ground missiles or
  • 10x bombs or
  • combination of multiple ordinance types.
  • Fighter
  • Light Bomber
  • Ground Attack

Necros War


Vorenus Imperium


The Aggitator Fighter Bomber is a fighter-bomber of the Vorenus Imperium.


The Aggitator has a pair of forward swept wings rooted in the rear of the fuselage that come out to about the middle of the fuselage. Two fins are located in the wingroot. The cockpit is rectangular in shape, like the Gunner Heavy Fighter's cockpit, and is located half-way down the fuselage. The two engines are mounted under the fuselage. The fighter-bombers close-range armament consists of three 30mm railguns, the first two mounted in each wingtip and a third in the nose. These railguns are capable of engaging both enemy aircraft in close-in dogfights and for strafing runs, being capable of knocking main battle tanks such as the Necros Compound Tanks. For longer range air-to-air engagements, the Aggitator can carry ten air-to-air missiles. The fighter can also carry ten air to ground missiles for a further tank killing punch, or ten guided bombs of roughly 2000 lbs, for engaging larger ground targets such as buildings and walkers, and even Necros Super Walkers.

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