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The Agreoverse is my, Agreon's, timeline of fanon that I put into the Human-Covenant War. Normally, such would not be necessary, but for all of it to make sense, a timeline must be in place, and I chose to do it though a so-called userverse.

What Has Happened

In the Agreoverse, lots of parts of the Halo universe are not bent, but are added to. This would not make it an Agreoverse if it were not part of the base of Halo. For example, the Spartan II and III program are slightly different. ONI has many "conspiracies" in place that make small details in Halo different.

Human-Covenant War


ONI, being as conspiring and shady as ever, releases different information regarding some subjects to the public than actually is true, occasionally.

Spartan II Program

The Spartan II program is one of the shadiest programs in UNSC history, not to mention much of it has conspiracies in it, mainly involving numbers. The Spartan II program went public, against the will of the UNSC. When this happened, in the official publiciced report, released in 2531, ONI inserted many lies and exaggerations.

Initial Spartans

The Spartan IIs actually started with 150 kids that were kidnapped from their families. The UNSC did not want the numbers released to the public, so they were adjusted in the report. Of the 150, 78 survived. Of the 78, 12 were crippled. This left 66 operational Spartans, double that of the 33 that were publicized.

Class II

In 2525, Catherine Halsey prepared a second batch of Spartan IIs. In an attempt to keep this batch under wraps, in the report, it was said that funding was cut. However, another 75 kids were found that fit the genetic requirements set by 2527. They finished training in 2535, and were released into the UNSC. The augmentation procedures had advanced from the original program, so the survival rate was 100%, with not crippled members.

Survivors of Reach

Although many Class I Spartan IIs were present on Reach, and many of them died, many more were stationed outside of Reach, at other colonies, or on Earth.

Spartan III Program

Less actual lies exist in the Spartan III program, just facts that aren't fully covered in Halo. However, some lies are present.


Besides Alpha and Beta companies, there is also a Gamma, Delta, and Epsilion company. Gamma and Delta were made during the Human-Covenant War. Epsilion was made afterwards.


Different companies had different armor. One company would get the appropriate drugs to use MJOLNIR during augmentations. If the company was to use SPI armor, they would not get the bone strengthening drugs, while companies, like Gamma, would.


The Prophets have told lies. Even to their own military. Some Arbiters didn't even know some of the truths that the Prophets held. Many are simple. As a matter of fact, almost all were unimportant during the war, but after it, they became important after the Prophets were gone.

Alignment of the Hunters

Some Hunters decided to join the Covenant Separatists. This goes back to a choice made by their respective worm colonies on Te that was communicated through their telepathy. However, when some colonies were still pondoring their decision, the Prophets deployed two Covenant Destroyers full of Brutes to convince the remaining colonies to join the Covenant. This ment that the Hunters that were part of the Covenant were held their against their will. This was not important during the war, but after the war, the Separatist Hunters declared war on the remaining colonies. The war ravaged the population of worms on Te, and left the Sangheili with very little strength in the form of Scarabs or Hunters.

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