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Aharhi is the homeworld for the Aharhian Monarchy. It is the only known inhabited Forerunner Shield World.


Despite all the Forerunner's best efforts, 032 Mendicant Bias corruption of Forerunner systems had a longer lasting effect than first thought. Mendicant had managed to corrupt several Forerunner systems before his defeat after the firing of the Halo Array. One of them was the Keyship returning the Aharhians back to their homeworld. Instead the Keyship's corrupted data brought them to a Forerunner Shield World.

However, such misfortune worked in the Aharhians favour: the Aharhians had no natural predators on the Shield World allowing them to flourish. But their real major forthcoming was the realisation of the mass amounts of Forerunner technology and its terraformed inner surface.

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