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The Aharhians are space-faring race that is older than both the original Covenant Empire and is the co-Founder of the Federal Republic of Independent States. Out of all known species, with the exception of the Forerunners and Precursors, the Aharhian Monarchy are considered the most powerful race - politically, economically and militarily. The Aharhians hail from the world Aharhi. Aharhians have an 18:1 female-to-male birth ratio, resulting in much fewer males and a higher female percentage.


As the title suggests, the Aharhians are governed by a single male monarch who controls all of Aharhian territory with the Ahi's Council and is the commander-in-chief of the Royal Aharhian Security Force and is also the Aharhians religious leader, an Ahi.

Military Doctrine

The Aharhian Monarch, her subjects and territories are protected by the Royal Aharhian Security Force. It is considered an honour to be accepted into the Security Force as each member is blessed by the Aharhian Ahi. If a candidate volunteers in the Security Force, she must pass several years of devout training. However, the Aharhians never commit to any war without serious reasons and normally any acts of aggression are put in place for years before they are put into action.

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