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"Roger that, Combat Control Team Alpha. Argent-V missiles are armed and ready to fire on your command, over."
GREY FOX to Airman First Class Jeremy Durand during Operation: ICEPICK in 2530.

UNSC Air Force combat controllers are highly trained, specialized airmen assigned to special tactics teams.



An Air Force combat controlman conducting a boarding operation during the Fall of Reach.

As successors to their 20th century counterparts, Air Force combat controller teams follow a similar pathfinder role while providing additional services such as fire control, air traffic control, and reconnaissance. Combat controllers are either assigned alone or alongside an ODST or SOAR team. Although they are almost always deployed covertly behind enemy lines, control teams may sometimes be part of a direct assault. When alone, combat control teams usually deployed in teams of two to three. This allows for one member to conduct the main objective (such as calling in an air strike), while the others stand guard or participate in a separate objective. Combat controllers are often responsible for maintaining the safety of airspace during the landing and takeoff of troop/supply carriers.

In the latter years of the Human-Covenant War, Combat Controllers were also utilized as boarding forces during rare occasions in which such missions were conducted. Combat Control personnel were largely selected for this role due to their experience both as ground soldiers and pilots.

As one of the most highly trained, elite special forces teams of the United Nations Space Command, Combat Controllers must under go a 36 week training course before being allowed to graduate as special forces members. Upon completion of this training, they are granted the right to wear the maroon beret.



Staff Sergeant Darrell Mac's time as a combat controller for ODSTs has led him to become a full-time member of the 105th Special Forces

Combat controllers typically wear the standard issue M36A Body Armor, while also using the UNSCAF Pilot helmet. In other instances, controllers deploying alongside ODSTs will use a modified version of the M42 Ballistic Armor.

The M142 Assault Rifle, MA5K/A1 Carbine, and BR55 serve as the main close-mid range weapons utilized by combat controllers. Modified versions of the SRS99 Special Applications serve as the main long range rifle, as well as the main magnifying device when binoculars are unavailable.

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