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Air Force Special Operations Command
Chronological Information

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United Nations Space Command


Special Operations


The Air Force Special Operations Command, abbreviated as AFSOC, is the primary special forces branch of the UNSC Air Force. It is the most recent special operations branch, having been established in 2382 following a legislature passed by the UEG Senate.

The current commander of AFSOC is Lieutenant General Achak Clark. SSgt. Darrell Mac is the Command Chief Master Sergeant of Air Force Special Operations Command, serving as the senior enlisted advisor.



AFSOC is composed of highly trained, rapidly deployable Airmen who are equipped with specialized aircraft. These forces conduct special operations missions ranging from precision application of fire power, to infiltration/exfilration, intelligence gathering, and support of other SF units. Air Force Special Tactics Sqaudrons combine Combat Control Teams, Special Operations Weather Technicians, and Pararescuemen to form versatile special operations teams.



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