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Kunai T-1
Akagi Kunai T-1 Expendable
Production information

Akagi Kunai


fixed knife

Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit

typically severe


Necros War


any firearm




The Akagi Kunai T-1 Expendable is a combat knife available on the UNSC civilian market that is sometimes carried by UNSC troops.


The Akagi Kunai series are based on the kunai, an ancient Japanese tool and weapon. All three knives of the series have a double-edged stiletto point. The K-1 model has a wider blade and grooved handle with a ring at the end. The K-2 model had a similar handle to the K-1, but a narrower blade, while the K-3 is a simplified design with a the narrowest blade of the three, lacks the grooves or the ring on the handle.


UNSC Comments

Melee Weaponry of the UNSCDF

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