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Alex L. Edwards "Patch"
Biographical information


Date of birth

September 22, 2612

Physical description

Private First Class






UGA Battle Armor

Hair color


Eye color


  • Neural Implant
Chronological and political information
Notable Facts
  • Has an IQ of 200.

Private First Class Alex L. "Patch" Edwards is a UGA Marine in the UGA Orion Guard and member of the 17th Delta Squad.


He is a smart kid with a terrible attitude. He's had a rough life before the Marines and still carries around a lot of anger and defiance, two things that will hold a Marine back. If he doesn't straighten up his act, he may be discharged or KIA. His weapon of choice is the 150E-S2 Sniper Rifle.

Early life

Alex was born on September 22, 2612 in Brooklyn, New York, Earth. Alex's previous occupation was that of a mechanic. He grew tired of this and enlisted on January 19, 2634. He was an engineer about a year before becoming an infantryman. He became a Marine with the rank of Private First Class, and was sent to Nolus to serve under Sergeant Avery Johnson III during the Siege of Nolus, the first battle against the Jiralhanae Empire. After the battle, Patch was transferred to James Spellmans squad in the 17th Shock Trooper Battalion. Nuke and Patch had a lot of disagreements, though James didn't give up on him because he was so similar to his dead brother. Alex often gives sarcastic comments to his peers but he has a certain respect for them, Desmond Campbell in particular.

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