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Alexis Granger
Alexis Granger
Biographical information

Rykan IV

Date of birth

November 15, 2523

Physical description






Hair color


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Chronological and political information

Human-Covenant War


Alliance of Free Colonies


Alexis Granger is the current head of the Alliance of Free Colonies. She was one of the few surviving members of the original Alliance, and helped ex-UNSC General Mike Townes escape UNSC capture and together, they reformed the Alliance.



Alexis was born on November 15, 2523, on the planet Rykan IV. Her mother was a member of the government, and her father was the head of one of the most successful mining companies. She had three older brothers, the eldest two worked at their father's mining company, and the youngest worked in a factory on Rykan II. She grew up in the city of New Ajaxburg and spent most of her childhood there.

Early career

In the year 2533, Alexis went to the headquarters of the UBW with her mother. She sat in on several important meetings. Months later, the Rebel group was in need of a name change, so she suggested the Alliance of Free Colonies, explaining that if other Rebel groups or potential defectors heard of them, they would think they were powerful, and join with them.

When the UNSC attacked Rykan IV in 2537, her entire family was slaughtered by the Marines searching for her, this cemented her hatred for the UNSC. She spent as long as she could on the planet, but by mid 2538, the Alliance was severely crippled. Many of its officials fled. Alexis knew she would be killed if she took a public transport to any other colony, so she hid aboard a freighter, which took her directly to Earth, where it landed in Northern Germany. She took refuge in the forests, finding a small, backwoods town to settle into.

Reforming the Alliance

In 2548, she learned a UNSC General had deserted, and was last seen heading through Poland. She took her car down to the border and eventually found the General. She took him back to her house and told him she was once a member of the Alliance. He told her he was planning on finding any survivors of the original Alliance in hope to restore it. Together, they arranged a flight to a mining camp on Luna. The pair stole a mining buggy there and drove it to the crater where his Sloop, the Sentinel was hidden.

The pair took the Sentinel back to the Rykan System, where they discovered more fragment groups of the Alliance and managed to form a resistance group. Under Alexis' command, the group advanced from a simple terrorist group, to a fully fledged rebellion. By 2555, the entire Rykan System was under her command.

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