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Ali Akram
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Major General





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Chronological and political information
Notable Facts
  • Commanding Officer of the 15th Army Infantry Division
  • Helped in the creation of "Noble Team"



Major General Ali Akram is the commanding officer of the 15th Army Infantry Division and a member of the UNSC Security Committee.

Born on the UNSC colony world of Minister in 2480, his parents were devout Muslims and his family figured little military background. Akram did well throughout most of his highschool career and chose to attend a UNSC Army Academy on Reach.

By 2525, Ali Akram had risen to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, following four successful campaigns aganst the Insurgency. By the start of the Human-Covenant War some months later, he would play a vital role in the Army's involvement.

In 2537, then Brigadier General Akram met with Army Colonels Urban Holland and James Ackerson to discuss the possible creation of an Army Spartan-III group, to be referred to as "Noble Team". Akram approved funding towards the team and put their future actions under the jurisdiction of the Army Special Operations Command.

11 years later, Akram's successful missions and projects would lead to his promotion to Major General. He was then granted a seat on the UNSC Security Committee and given the command of the Army's 15th Infantry Division.

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