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Aliyah Burakgazi
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Sergeant Aliyah Burakgazi is a UNSC Marine stationed on Earth. In 2552, she led a unit of eight to help evacuate Sydney, Australia. Hearing Jacob Castell's cries for help, they rescued him from where he had tried to crucify himself on the alter of an otherwise abandoned church. They then used the church, with its strong architecture, as a fall-back point for gathering other civilians who had refused to leave town.

Several Jiralhanae attacked, forcing entry. While her unit was engaged, she was attacked by a single Jiralhanae, who mocked and attempted to rape her. She was rescued by an energy-sword-wielding SPARTAN-117, who proceeded to kill the rest of them.

Her unit destroyed, she joined the Spartan on his mission to HighCom Facility Bravo-6. She was one of the few human survivors of the Covenant assault, among Rais Kader and the Spartan himself.


  • "Aliyah" means "to ascend" in Hebrew. "Burakgazi" means "warrior for the faith" in Turkish. Burak was the name of the Prophet Mohammed's horse that he rode when he ascended to Heaven.

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