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Chapter 1

As the ancient, Pillar of autumn class dagger pulled into dock for upgrade and reaoairs,it's captain was just getting some coffee when one of the ships many AIs made an announcement.

"Ship pulling into dock 319 on Super Mac station Exeltour"

The AI announcing this then appeared in the nearest holotank, and asked the captain,"Captain Mark Anthan, Permission to open airlock to let the technicians enter".

"You have my permission deja"said cpatain antan.

"Opening main airlock now, You haave an incoming message from ONI highcom"

"What is the message"

"It says to goto planet harvest as soon as the upgrades , repairs are done"

"Does it say what for?"

"No sir"

"well then they better hurry up with those repairs, and upgrades if it is that imprtant"

"Sir, you have another message directly from the Director of ONI"

"Really, What is it?"

"It says 'Top Secret', 'Take ship to distination Alpha B, Skip repais, and upgrades."

"Alha B?"

"Yes Sir"

"Then it must be very importantif the Director of ONI himself sent i. Set course for Alpha B, you will find the coordinates in your database, Authorization code M-19 Alpha Zeta 9"

"Coordinates set, charging slipspace capacitor, and undocking now."

"I wonder what this is all about. If it is so important, why not send a better equiped vessel."

" I do not know sir, engaging slipspace drive now"

And with that the ship went into slipspace, with captain wondering what his new assignment is all about.

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