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Alliance Universe


  • 2570

  • 2575
    • Planet New Harvest in Hellian sysrem is foundes as Alliance capitol
  • 2600
    • precursor encounter at mysterious wormhole
    • precursors attack sanghellios-attack fails
  • 2601
    • precursors colonize planet cosour in Bena system

  • 2602
    • U.N.S.C. War Council Meeting

  • 2603

  • 2622
    • SPARTAN IV training starts
  • 2623
    • Battle of New Harvest
  • Forerunner encounter at mysterious wormhole
  • 2632
    • forerunner-U.N.SC. alliance formation
    • Forerunner-covenant remnant alliance formation
  • 2633
    • Mysterious wormhole collapses into blackhole
    • Forerunner colonization of planet Herta in Hellian Sectar
  • 2644
    • Spartan IV candidates training finished
  • 2645
    • precursor colonizaton of planet lekda in borea system
    • percursor colonization of planet lenta in borea system
    • precursor colonization of planet blet in nion system
    • forerunner colonization of planet teta in borala system
    • forerunners take new harvst from precursors
    • forerunners take command of all their installations spread throughout galexy

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