"We have brought upon freedom to many species, justice, vengeance, and hope. "
―The current slogan of the group.
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Alliance of Out-of Solar System Free Colonies
Political information
Type of government


Founding document


Head of State


Head of Government



Vakarian (Alliance of the Council)

Societal information

Argos Planetary System, Beta Nebula, Calderon

Official language

Chellian, Argonite, Maxim (All of which can be translated into English.)


Credentials, Known as Credits


We have brought upon freedom to many species, justice, vengeance, and hope.

Historical information
Formed from


Date of establishment


Date of fragmentation



The Alliance of Out-of Solar System Free Colonies, more commonly referred to as The Alliance, or the AOSSFC, is a large group of different species who have come from other planets which have had slavery, poverty, and violence, such as full fledged wars. The alliance was formed in 2900, three years after the technological fallout, which was one of the main causes for the forming of the alliance. The alliance holds twelve different species, all suffering similar fates to one and other. Most of the species would have never talked, albeit met each other, due to the fact their homes were spread out far across different galaxies, but none ever came to be enemies. The alliance are supposedly Egalitarians, thinking each and every other species is equal. Sport fights are allowed as "a way to calm your anger", with certain restraints thankfully used by the keepers of the colonies. The colonies are three massive planets, each with a sustainable atmosphere for the eleven species. These planets exist in the Beta Nebula, a large green nebula within a star Planetary System known as the Argos Planetary System, abbreviated as the APS.


Known Species

The twelve known species of the alliance are made up of very different species, from reptilians, to ice men, the species are stated here.

Oquarians (Slicers)

The Oquarians, known by other species, and at informal times as the Slicers, are a reptilian species, although they look somewhat like an insect, they are not. Most Oquarians are red, have large green eyes, a black symbol going through the center of their head, and many other black symbols running on their body. They have two long wings on each side of their heads, with the typical Alliance emblem mounted in the middle. Slicers as their name states, have razor like bones, which protrude from the knees, elbows, and arms. The legs themselves are made from the Qquarian bones, making a powerful, and sharp kick. This is one of the main reasons that the Oquarians specialize in kickboxing. The body of Oquarians is fairly tall, 7 feet high at an approximate height. The Oquarians are light and agile, but lack in strength. Although they are not very strong, they can lift a full grown human up with no effort at all. The Oquarians are highly intelligent, but not even near as smart as the Kybuckians. The brain of the Oquarian is half the size of a Humans, but is twice the size larger. The brain has more volume, making up for the mass.

Drallans (Fire Warriors or The Ferox)

Hydrofrezians (Ice Warriors)

The Hydrofrezians, known as Ice Warriors informally, are a race of ice sculpture-like beings. They are highly intelligent almost surpassing the Kybuckians, but not quite. They can change the shape of certain parts of their body, depending on the temperature, it may seem that they are made completely of ice, but this is not the complete truth. Without the proper body parts needed to survive, (such as the brain, spine, heart, and lungs) the anything, wouldn't be alive. Hidden within the hard icy casing, which is like skin, is a soft, spongy casing, used to keep the cold inside the Hydrofrezians. Below that is muscle, bone, and many other organs. The Hydrofrezians natural form is many jagged spikes protruding from the body, and are mostly blue. The traditional suit they wear is made out of a substance similar to Kevlar, with the Alliance logo in the center. The Hydrofrezians must wear breathing apparatus outside of the cold Biome, due to the fact too much warm air will melt the outer layer of "skin" on the Hydrofrezians.

Tyrallians (Juggernauts)

Kybuckians (Mindmessers)

Amphireptillias (Warturtles)

Myrallians (Punchers)

Ovarikans (Thrashers)

Bodians (Smashers)

Rokcians (Rock Warriors)

Centaurians (Rheckers)

Detarians (Wanderers)

The Argos Planetary System

The Beta Nebula






The alliance allows any species to have any religion they want, and although this has led to some controversy, most species go by the Egalitarianism standards, and pray for one and other, but still, some species who have extreme religiousness, such as the Kybuckians, will pray for their god.


Arranged Hand-to Hand Combat

This is similar to Mixed Martial Arts, matching up different species in weight classes to battle each other, but most commonly, the two opponents will have completely different fighting styles, such as one, a professional at kicking, and another, a professional at choking out. This was the first sport introduced to the alliance, and uses an automated match-up system to match up opponents like the ones stated above.

Ball Variants

These different variants come from Human roots, taking games such as baseball, football, and soccer, to a new level.


This game includes delivering a ball to the other teams base without being hit with a hammer. The smaller courts use a substance similar to rubber, for the hammers, protecting from any injury, but larger courts, like the ones shown on the Holo-projectors use stone hammers, made to literally stop the ball carrier in his tracks. The ball is marked with a timer, and when the timer goes off, the game is over, and whoever had the highest score will win. If the game is won before the timer runs out, the total score to win is three, but if the score of the other team is two or a tie, the game will go into overtime, and regardless of what happens in the overtime round, the first team to score is declared the winner.


An iteration of the human game Dodge Ball, Dodgingball includes trying to dodge stone balls by jumping, running and flying out of the way of the balls. The court is always low-roofed, and closed in, to not allow cheating for species who have the ability to fly. The player is armed with yet again, a stone hammer, to either crush, or hit the balls out of the way. There are three different sized balls, a small, a medium, and a large, the small is an orange ball marked with a BEGINNER on it, the medium is a blue ball marked with an ADVANCED on it, and the large ball is a red ball marked with the words EXPERT on it.


Kickball is another iteration of the human game, Soccer, but some changes have been made. The ball is now heavy, and takes a large amount of strength to kick, the goals are made out of plain energy, of which when the ball hits will bounce straight away, making the need for a goalie even greater. The courts are made out of polished metal, creating a slippery surface, making it harder to run.


Biomes are small contained areas made for the different species needs. The Biomes are based on the elements, the Biomes are named as, Earth-Terrain, (A forest and plains.) Cold (Icy Caverns), Heat, (Caverns heated by lava flowing below.) Desert, (Sandy Dunes heated by many lights to create a sun like illusion.) and The Swamps, (A large area filled with swampy water, and peaceful sounds.) Half of the species live in Earth-Terrain, which is easy to dig in, and perfect for almost any species. Only one species live in the Heat Biome, which are the Drallans, the Cold houses the Detarians and Hydrofrezians, the desert houses Tyrallians and Rokcians, and the swamps hold the Bodians and Kybuckians.


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