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Real Name- Allison Reeves
Tag- A218
Date of Birth- 2533
Current Status- MIA
Homeworld- Earth

Town of Birth- Verance

State of Birth- Alabama
Hair Color- Brown
Eye Color- Hazel
Height W/O Armor- 5' 6"
Height W Armor- 7'
Gender- Female
Units- 2
Unit 1- Juniper Team
Unit 2- Crimson Spades


Olympic Medal of Service,

Purple Heart

Service Number-




Juniper Team,

United Nations Space Command

Rank- Warrant Officer

Favored Weapon-

Designated Marksman Rifle

Emblem- A swam with two juniper leaves tied around it.
Nickname- "Red Dot"

Allison Gene Reeves was a SPARTAN-III Super Soldier who was invaluable in the event known as the Fall of Reach. She served in Juniper Team and lead a group known as the Crimson Spades.

Early History

Allison Gene Reeves was born in Verance, Alabama in 2533. She grew up a fairly sad life on first look. Her father, Jonathon Reeves, had been sent to the outer colony of Toronto-14 for maintenance, his ship never returned. As a result, Allison was forced to take care of her ailing mother, Samantha Reeves. Once Samantha died from her long lasting blood poisoning, Allison was, again, forced into helping the financial estate of the Reeves Family. The Reeves' owned a small farmland that brought in a yearly prophet that kept her sustained for a short while, while Allison looked for a job. Allison finally found a job that sustained her for a short time as a waitress at "McBeefey's Cook 'n Grill".

First Brush With War

In 2546, the UNSC was at war. Not with the Covenant, but with a group of insurrectionists called the Severed Snake Head. The group opposed to the UNSC sending large ships deep into space and had started a fire of war.

Allison had come home from work one late afternoon and had discovered her door unlocked. Upon entering, she was captured and held hostage by several Severed Snake Head Members. Allison actually learned to be good friends with the group and served her hostage time playing chess with them and talking. Eventually, UNSC soldiers barged in and set Allison free, but not before killing a few of the Severed Snake Head members. Ever since then, the UNSC kept a close eye on Allison Reeves.

A Spartan

On July 2 of 2552, the UNSC went to war with an alien alliance known as the Covenant. On that same day, the SPARTAN program was utilized. The first Spartans were SPARTAN-II's, the most powerful. There were 603 in all, the most prominent was of course, John-117. The first Spartans were in effect on the planet of Harvest and the outer colonies. Unfortunately, almost all of them were KIA but never reported as so. That was when the Spartan saying came to be,
"Spartans never die, they're just missing in action..."

After the loss of the first type of Spartans, the SPARTAN III's came into effect. The first was Kyle-A001. Eventually, Allison was drafted against her will to the program as SPARTAN Allison-A218.

A Born Leader

Allison was first stationed

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