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Alpha Serpentis III
General Information



Alpha Serpentis


Alpha Serpentis

Orbital Characteristics
Satellite of

Alpha Serpentis



Physical Characteristics
Equatorial Radius

6529.2 km

Equatorial Circumference

32,789 Km

Meridional Circumference

32,321 Km

Equatorial Surface Gravity

1.03 G

Escape Velocity

11.206 Km/s

Surface Pressure

103.96 kPa


103.96 kPa


77.08% Nitrogen (N2)
21.95% Oxygen (O2)
0.93% Argon
0.038% Carbon dioxide
About 1% water vapor (varies with climate)


Alpha Serpentis III is one of the few remaining original Outer Colonies of the UNSC and home to a large, highly classified Research and Development Station operated by Union Aerospace Corporation.



Alpha Serpentis III was discovered, like many planets, by an unmanned drone sent to the system to confirm if there were any habitable planets, and, if so, there was any sign of intelligent life there. When the drone returned, it revealed that one planet was almost the same size as Earth and required no terraforming. However, perhaps the most important information that the drone brought back was the extremely high amount of asteroids in-system. This meant that there was a vast amount of ore, especially iron and titanium, to be mined.


Alpha Serpentis III was originally a mining colony, with its main population serving on the large asteroid mining ships in system.

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