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Biographical information
Began service 

October 31, 2525

Ended service 

March 3, 2553

Physical description



Tall with long, strait hair

Normal color


Political information and functions


Primary Function

Spartan AI

Notable Battles

Battle of the Rubble, Fall of Reach, Raid of Reach, Battle of Mombasa, Liberation of Mombasa


Alyson was a top grade Tier 3 AI. She was a tester of the MJOLNIR armor AI integration. She served with SPARTAN-II 127. Notably, she was the first AI to be integrated to an armor besides standard MJOLNIR Mk. V. She also showed no signs of rampancy, allowing her to continue service with Ash until the end of the war. She was a capable pilot of anything from Pelicans to full-sized Frigates, asteroids, and even the foreign-to-her Civilian transports on Reach. She also had a silver tongue. She could persuade almost anyone to help Ash and Beta-5.


Alyson was created on Reach by Catherine Halsey. She was part of a larger batch of 5 AIs, but she was by far the best result. This batch was not able to be instilled with large amounts of knowledge in creation, however, because Halsey had to handle all 20 of them. She managed to figure out most things needed. At one point, she was taken to the scrapping of the UNSC Commonwealth to view the work of it and look at the structural makeup of Frigates. When looking in the vault containing the Navigational core, she uploaded all of its data to her, without the knowledge of Halsey. This gave her intelligence that would be vital later in her service, particularly because she had experience uploading data and the format of UNSC-made data.


Later after this, she was able to give Halsey advice on how to make further AI. She had a large part in the development process of Tier 4 AI. She recommended uploading them with navigational information, which several were. She also recommended putting her in a helmet other than the standard Mk. V helmet. She chose the GUNGNIR helmet because it had a camera. Because of this, she could control night vision, infra-red vision, help target acquisition, and adjust focus using minimal processing power. Halsey agreed with the idea. She chose to take the next SPARTAN that requested a GUNGNIR helmet under careful watch. Ash was, of course, the candidate. His performance in the Harvest campaign won recognition from Halsey and ONI. When he returned to Reach in 2531, Catherine took him to a testing facility, as well as 20 other SPARTANS. Ash was able to impress Alyson, not to Halsey's surprise. The two were paired.


Alyson was able to make major changes to Ash's armor. Specifically, she was able to do all she predicted with Ash's helmet. She was not, however able to control night vision because of the software suite, or infra-red vision because Ash's helmet did not have an Infra-red light. She had it installed with one, and adjusted the software suite so that she had control. She merged the Infra-red vision with the night vision to create a night vision that generated no visible light, and was just as sharp and almost as colorful as normal vision.

Spartan Laser

She was able to install the Wyrd III Optics Suite to his camera, making it so he could effectively fire from any position, even without the Spartan laser aimed at all. The in-helmet reticule was active as long as the emitting lens was unsheathed. Also, she adjusted the zoom of the smart-link from x1 and x3 to include a x6. This made the targeting on the 5 shot laser unbeatable.

Armor Lock

Because Ash's armor had armor lock capability installed, Alyson could access it. When she felt it was necessary (She almost never did) and Ash did not see an enemy or grenade, she could activate the armor lock.

Battle of the Rubble

Ash got her to the Exodus Asteroid, where she uploaded the navigational data to herself, and deleted the= data on the navigation system. The Covenant was attacking for it. However, she could not contact the Night to get them to not attack. Instead, they made way to the civilian extract point and went back to the Night. ONI was pleased that she had copied the data to herself so that it was not lost. However, when copying it to the Night's AI, the AI noticed the data from the Commonwealth. She reported it to the shipmaster who brought it up with ONI. They decided to take no action, but it made Alyson a Tier 1 asset. If she was lost to the Covenant, they would be able to attack Earth.

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