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Amanda Hellspire

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9th January 2557





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Lieutenant Commander


Sniper Rifles, Covenant Weaponry





"You've always brought to such wonderful places..."
Vanessa to Amanda

Amanda-390 is a Spartan II Class III who was born on Earth. She was always considered the girl with Ultra Sight and Bird Ear because of her extremely good sight and hearing. This, and because of her unusually high strength and wits, is why ONI officials, along with Ellen Anders abducted her for the Program. She fought the Insurrection frequently, until her disappearance on the Kig-Yar homeworld Eyan.

Her Smart AI was Miranda but after Miranda's capture, Smart AI Venessa was brought to her.

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UNSC Spartan Emblem
Spartan-II Program, Third Generation

United Nations Space Command


UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command


Special Operations


120 Spartans




MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor


Milky Way War

"You are the Protectors of Humanity. You are the best of the best. You are hope. You are Spartans."
―Admiral Alice Parangosky upon graduation of her Spartans.

The SPARTAN-II Program, Third Generation, known as the 112th Naval Special Warfare Division, 15th Battalion, Juliet Company, was part of the SPARTAN-II Program, an effort to produce more elite soldiers through mechanical and biological augmentation. The Third Generation would be the first Spartans in the UNSC to meld advanced exoskeleton technology with the soldiers' superior physiques after the Human-Covenant War.



In the years following the end of the Human-Covenant War, the UNSC, Sangheili, Unggoy, Lekgolo and Froet races united to form the Alliance of the Orion Arm Races (AOAR), a Gold era of peace started until 2561, where a large Insurrection attacked the AOAR. After 2 years of fighting with the Insurrectionists, the AOAR started the creation of the Third Generation of SPARTAN-II. The reason of the AOAR going back at the Spartan-II Program, instead of cotinuating with Spartan-III Program was beacuse, only top ONI leaders knew about it, and if they released the information to all the ONI subdivision, or the UNSC division or even the AOAR, the entire morale will crush, due to the extermination of Alpha and Beta Company. At the front of this generation was Admiral Alice J. Parangosky, leader of ONI and granddaughter of Margaret O. Parangosky.

These new soldiers, instead of beingkidnapped at the age of 6, they were kidnapped at the age of 4, to be even better trained than their pat counterparts. They were selected by a strict gene candidate pool. They must also possess superior physical and mental attributes. The trainees must be instilled with military value, and the understanding of war; something that cannot be taught to enlisted soldiers. This narrowed the candidates down to children who would be raised, and taught in the art of warfare and military values, from a young age. A military project using such controversial means of creating a soldier, though, the Third Generation were revealed when they graduated.

Though conventional body armor has protected soldiers for centuries, the SPARTAN-II new geneation's radical change involved integrating the subject with a new powered MJOLNIR exoskeleton device, designed to help keep its user safe and provide a powerful means of combating enemy forces. The drawback of this new armor is its requirement of augmenting the subject, effectively turning the Spartans into human guinea pigs. This autorized the creation of the seventh incarnation of the MJONLIR powered exoskeleton.

Despite the tremendous risk, and the unethical means of creating a new generation, the SPARTAN-II project was approved by the top brass within ONI - who concluded that the risks far outweighed the lives that could be saved. By 2563, 120 suitable candidates, had been identified and conscripted in the Program. One Hundred Twenty children, all four years old of both sexes were kidnapped, and in order to preserve the program's secrecy, the children are replaced by perfect flash clones; they would not die and will live like a normal human being.


The SPARTAN-II candidates after being sedated were taken to Earth, instead of being trained only in Earth, the SPARTANs were also trained in Arcadia and Minister. Like their past counterparts, to marginalize the civilian lives they had once led, their names became a combination of their given names and a number, with family names being discarded. The Spartans endured a great deal of hardship during their first years of training, the Spartans were placed into situation and drills that pushed their abilities to their very limit and beyond. Their hard training was complemented with a good education, from math and science, reading and writing, to military tactics. His training methodology tough, even brutal in some regards. ONI trained the Spartans until 2575 when at the age of 16, the Spartans would go the Augmentation Procedures, a process that incapacitated the 120 Spartans for a whole week, using the drugs of the SPARTAN-III Program, the 120 kids were not crippled or dead.


Just before 2 weeks of the Spartans' graduation. Chief Byrne did to them one last training exercise; which team would win in a battle between the Spartans. Chief Byrne left the Spartans with supplies for a whole week; ammunition, food and water, in a nearby Arcadian forest. The winning team was White Team, composed of Vanessa-099, James-097, Samantha-098 and Jake-212. The graduation of the Spartans was in the Carrier UNSC Phoenix's Fire, which all high ranking officers within the AOAR attended. During the graduation, every Spartan received a personal Ninth Generation AI. Everyone of this AIs was cloned from the flash-cloned brains of Allison Kira Halsey, Catherine Elizabeth Halsey's sister.


In difference from the first generation of SPARTAN-II which were 75 candidates and only 33 were "full Spartans" and the second generation which were 81 candidates and only 39 became "full Spartans", the third generation of SPARTANs-II were 120 candidates and thanks to the SPARTAN-III procedures, all survived.


The following is the list of all SPARTAN-II, Third Generation subjects conscripted in 2563.

Note: Sorry for also including the SPARTANs-III, but I wanted all Spartans in only one template.

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Augmentation Procedures

The Spartan-IIs underwent the same enhancement procedures that the Spartan-III, but with higher success rates due to the advances in technology. The rate of survival went up from 44% for the Spartan-IIs Class I and II to 100% for the S-IIs Class III. The augmentation procedures were referred to as Project WHITE AURORA. The S-II's Class II were injected with the following drugs:

  • Drug 8942-LQ99: A carbide ceramic ossification catalyst to make skeletons virtually unbreakable.
  • Drug 88005-MX77: A fibroid muscular protein complex that boosted muscle density and strength.
  • Drug 88947-OP24: A retina-inversion stabilizer drug. It boosted color and night vision capabilities.
  • Drug 87556-UD61: Improved colloidal neural dis-unification solution, which in turn decreases reaction time.
  • Drug 009762-OO: A mutagen that alters key regions of the subject's frontal lobe. It enhances aggression, strength, endurance, and tolerance to injury, which allowed fighting when they should be dead or in a coma. Negative effects include a loss in rational thinking and tactics. This is counter-balanced by the drug 009951-JG listed below.
  • Drug 009951-JG: An Experimental drug that totally counters the effect of the Drug 009762-OO in only one application, instead of the past drugs that the Spartans-III used which only countered it for 3 months and after that, they needed another application. Side effects are strange colouration of hair and eyes with a rate of 100%.



Main article: ATHENA Powered Assault Armor

The MJOLNIR Armor Seventh Incarnation was created in parallel, and during the training to the SPARTAN-II Class III and is, as of now, the most advanced armor within the AOAR; it can provide the SPARTAN-II with an incredible amount of protection and strength. The on-board computer system relays basic tactical information including IFF tags, a Motion Tracker, weapons information and health readouts. The MJOLNIR system is capable of carrying a starship grade A.I which can provide tactical data on the fly.

Spartan Neural Interface

A specialized version of the Neural Interface is implanted into the skull of a SPARTAN-II. This allows a ship grade A.I to be carried on board the MJOLNIR armor. The standard Neural Interface along with the newer specialized version also provide the neural link between the SPARTAN-II and the MJOLNIR armor.


  • Many of the content of this page was stole from Halopedia and adapted to get into the storyline.
  • The only (currently) identified trainer of the Spartan II Class IIIs is Sangheili Rola 'Refam until he resigned.

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