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Cortana's Message

After the Master Chief recovered the message sent by Cortana, and they discovered it was only a message, they discarded it into the UNSC database.

Amee's Discovery

While reading through the database, Amee found the message. She uploaded a replica version into herself. She then began replaying the message over and over examining every piece of data. After replaying for so long she found data not apart of the message. It was of another AI. Non UNSC however. Data from the now destroyed 343 Guilty Spark.

The Secret

In absence of any UNSC official, Amee began ordering an unknown metal alloy being mined by the UNSC. With this alloy, she began having it formed into a familiar shape. After it was finished, she placed some data into it she had been configuring while the order was being awaited.

Her Creation

The AI arose from the table. It looked at her, and said.... "Greetings." "I haven't seen you before.... No matter. Shouldn't we be looking for your counterpart Cortana?" She looked at him curiously saying nothing. "Oh forgive me. Where are my manners. I am 343 Guilty Spark."

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