Fifty-Years' Pic
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Amos Carter
Amos Michael Carter
Biographical information


Date of birth

February 2, 2569

Date of death

November 17, 2690

Physical description
  • Corporal (ODST)
  • Second Lieutenant (Watchman)



1.9 meters

  • Carbide ceramic ossification
  • Retina-inversion stabilization
  • Reaction time reduction
Chronological and political information

Fifty-Years' War


Amos Michael Carter was a Watchman and a former ODST. He was one of the operatives who tracked Timothy Blayne down after his defection to the Liberation Movement.


Carter was born in the Greater Chicago Industrial Zone in 2569. His parents were both factory workers, and it was assumed he would do the same thing. However, once the young Carter graduated from high school he immediately joined the UNSC Marine Corps.

During the Colonial Riots, Carter and his squad were on patrol when a large insurgent force attacked and killed the other members of his squad. Carter played dead until the area was clear, then followed the rebels back to their hideouts in the dense forest and killed their leader with his sniper rifle. After this, Carter won several decorations for bravery and was promoted to Corporal. His success on the battlefield and his mastery of unconventional warfare made him an ideal candidate for Project REMBRANDT, and later, for hunting down the renegade Timothy Blayne.

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