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Honor Guard Councilor Halway
Anaba 'Eesor

High Charity

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Physical description

Honor Guard Councilor








Energy Sword, Jiralhanae Shot, Sentinel Beam, Plasma Rifle


Sangheili Personal Energy Shield


Custom Wraith, Custom Banshee, Ghost

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Covenant, then Covenant Separatists


Anaba 'Eesor, formerly known as Anaba 'Eesoree is an Honor Guard Councilor in the Covenant. He is known as both the only Sangheili Honor Guard to not be born into the role and the first Honor Guard Councilor. He stated from the bottom up and is greatly respected by all who meet him. He currently leads a squad formed of the ex-Honor Guards and Body Guards and has taken control of the Fleet of Absolute Truth. After the war, he became king of the colonies on Installation 06.


Early career


Anaba as a Minor Domo

Anaba entered the corps at the lowest rank of all, Minor Domo Sangheili sometime in late 2523. In 2525, he led a squad of Unggoy along with another Sangheili during the attack on Harvest. Due to his actions, he was promoted to Major Domo Sangheili. As a Major Domo, he served in the attack on Eridanus II and in the ship to ship battle between the UNSC and the Covenant. Although the battle at Harvest was lost, his quick actions caused the destruction of the UNSC Abraham. Because of this, he was promoted not to Ultra, but to the prestigious rank of Zealot. After killing many humans and risking his neck several times, he was promoted to Ship Master of Blood's Acquaintance, a ship in the Fleet of Absolute Truth, in year 2544, just prior to the Battle of Miridem. As a Ship Master, his ship assisted in the Battle of Miridem and did acts which many praised him for. He was given a chance to be the first Honor Guard of his time that was not born into the role. He took it.

Honor Guard

After Anaba became an Honor Guard, he earned a reputation for wanting the Honor Guard Sangheili to have their voice heard in the council, along with those of the Unggoy and the other, lower ranked Sangheili. The Prophets noticed this and decided he would Make a perfect representative of the Honor Guards in the council. He became the first Honor Guard Councilor.

Honor Guard Councilor

Honor Guard Councillor Fight

Honor Guard Councilor 'Eesoree killing an unknown Spartan

After his Promotion, Anaba began to propose things which (if accepeted) could cause the lower species to rise to a much higher rank in Covenant society. Many loved him, but many were also sickened by his ideas to change society. During the trial of the future Arbiter, Anaba personally spoke to the High Prophet of Truth about the Arbiter's fate. He never spoke of his true feelings towards the trial, but he did speak of what close friends and other trusted persons thought of it. After the changing of the guard, he was to be executed along with the other Sangheili Councilors. He, however, instead listened in on what the Jiralhanae spoke of and found out what they had planned for the Councilors. He told several others about it and they killed every Jiralhanae they saw. He was one of the first Sangheili to know that the Jiralhanae were going to betray. Later on in a Covenant facility, Anaba was nearly killed by an unknown spartan who burst in while he took control of it. he managed to kill the spartan, but was shocked he was found. It is unknown what Anaba was doing at the facility.

Installation 06

Kingdom of Fri

Anaba brought his fleet and more back to the Installation. While there, the Sangheili decided that the Installation would be an excellent colony and declared Anaba King of the Installation after bravely remaining on the installation an fighting the rogue Monitor. Anaba Declared the Installation the Kingdom of Fri (named for Friday, the sixth day of the week corresponding to the Installation number. Currently, many settlements have been made on the ring and a stable Government has been formed.

The Fleet of Absolute Truth

Honor Guard Councillor

Anaba on board High Charity

As the Covenant Civil War began, Anaba took control of the Fleet of Absolute Truth, the fleet he once served in, as the Fleet Master was dead and Anaba had once served in the fleet. The Fleet of Absolute Truth has 30 of its original 32 ships. It's flagship is Blood's Acquaintance, a Supercarrier. The species on board the ships of the fleet consist of the Sangheili, Huragok, Lekgolo, and Unggoy. The fleet of 30 ships includes one Supercarrier, one Assault Carrier, 24 CCS Battlecrusiers and 4 Agricultural Ships.


Honor Guard Ultra Glitch

One of Anaba's Bodyguards.

Anaba once led a squad of Unggoy along with another Sangheili. After he became a Honor Guard Councilor, He got a squad of special Ultras. These Ultras have normal armors except for the fact they also have some of the features of the Honor Guards. These soldiers are seen all over his flagship and follow him almost everywhere. Though these soldiers have some Ultra armor, they are equivalent to Zealots in rank and have superior training than SpecOps Sangheili. One of these soldiers once worked with Anaba when he had the squad of Unggoy. Sadly this soldier was killed during a battle with a Jiralhanae. Anaba has trained the soldiers to protect each other, not just him.

Personality and Beliefs

Honor guard councilor2

Anaba without his Councilor Headress.

For an ex-Honor Guard and a Councilor, Anaba was not very Aristocratic. Anaba enjoyed the wonders of the Halos' functions and enjoyed being on them. Even though he loved the Halos, he did not belive in the Great Journey and belived that the halos could not be "activated". He, of course, told nobody about these Beliefs.

Anaba Also hated Jackals with great passion. He was known to "accidently" knock them off of high ledges, "accidently" run them over and "accidently" shoot and, many times, "accidently" stick them. He often sent them first to die and considered them lower than the humans.

Although Ananba was a patriot of the Sangheili Race, he often used to brute shot and was fond of human weapons, although his favorite was the energy sword.

Later on Instalation 06, Anaba destroyed a sentinal major and minor claiming their weapons for himself. He also used plasma rifles often. He disliked the weapons and found them often useless but still used them when needed.

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