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UNSC Andraste
Production Information
Technical Specifications

312 meters


97.6 meters


97.2 meters


20 centimeters Titanium-A battleplate

  • Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (1)
  • Archer Missile Pods (12) 30 Missiles/Pod
  • Point Defense Gun (6)
  • 1 Pelican Flight (6-8 Dropships)
  • 14 Pilots
1 Marine Battalion
  • 800 Marines
  • 1 Shock Infantry Platoon
  • 55 Marines

105-110 Naval personnel

Skeleton Crew

85 personnel

Service Information
Operational Role

Stealth infiltration and exfiltration, electronic intelligence

In Service With



The Andraste-class Light Frigate is a stealth warship classification within the UNSC Navy. Sharing similar characteristics to both the Daring-class Frigate and Eurymedon-class prowler, the ship can serve a variety of roles. However, the main role of the ship is primarily reserved for intelligence gathering and in some cases, deploying a small number of troops. In drastic times, it can be used for space combat.


The Andraste-class Light Frigate is often described as a lighter counterpart to its fellow ship, the Daring-class Frigate. Few of these light frigates are in service due to the fact that they lack significant armor and weaponry and are easily overwhelmed by even the smallest of Covenant vessels. Light Frigates typically do not put up much of a fight against their Covenant counterparts, mostly due because of the ship's light armor and substandard weaponry. Due to the reasons presented, light frigates are in small numbers and are commonly used for only minor intelligence missions.

The ship is also layered with stealth ablative coating, commonly found on Naval prowlers. However, the frigates layer is significantly weaker than that of an average corvette, allowing only limited usage.


The main role of light frigates are similar to that of a Corvette, typically intelligence gathering. It is almost never used in head on combat due to its weaknesses, however it's lone MAC cannon can provide fire if needed. Because of its weak armament, stealth frigates are commonly forced to retreat a battle if they are faced an overwhelming enemy force. This was seen in the Battle of Charybdis IX in which then-Lieutenant Jacob Keyes was forced to retreat and allow the planet to be glassed as the single ship stood no chance.

However, Keyes also showed that the ship can be used for both starship combat and troop deployment as he would later use the ship for a successful battle in the "Rubble" asteroid field.

Ships of the line


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