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Reach 16134870 Medium

Andrew-G196 during the Fall of Reach

"You should be shot."

-Andrew G196

The clone of a marine lieutenant (a fact that he did not discover until years after the war), Andrew G196 was a Gamma Company Spartan-IIII who was removed from training on Onyx early as the Office of Naval Intelligence believed his skills would be better utilised elswhere in the field. Originally leader of Team Cutlass (Later replaced by Siberius-G034) because of his exceptional field skills, but it was quickly realised that, after years of
Biographical information

Andrew -Unknown-

Spartan Tag




Date of birth

21 June 2537

Date of death





6' 4

Hair color


Eye color


Affiliation and military information

UNSC/ Team Cutlass




zero-gravity combat, gureilla combat


The Fall of Reach, The Battle of Earth, Operation:ALEHOUSE, The battle of Instillation 00.

solitary concentration during training, he was better suited as a 'lone wolf' soldier. On July 10, 2552 Andrew was removed from Onyx and sent to a top secret ONI testing site on LIster, Aigburth, Gannymede (coincidentally his birth city). It was here he was allowed to trial and help develop the latest MJOLNIR technology. But on the 4th August he was transferred to Reach under special orders and the Winter Contingency, to which he was bound. Luckily surviving the Fall, Andrew lived on to fight in both battles of earth and the Battle of Instillatiion 00. After the war he returned to his home world of Gannymede for more testing.
"Heroes a
In action

Andrew G196 kills a Sangheili warrior

re just people who were at the right place at the right time, and did something which in any other situation would be stupid"

-Andrew G196


Andrew was one of the Gamma Company SPARTAN-IIIs, trained on Onyx by Kurt-051, CPO Mendez, Tom-B292 and other key figures. Alongside four other SPARTANs he was in Team Cutlass, he was the team leader. In May 2552 Mendez had him withdrawn from Team Cutlass, and put in one-to-one speci
Looking down
al training. After two months he was the first of Gamma Company to receive deployment orders, on July 10, to Lister on Gannymede. During the Fall of Reach he was deployed in some of the most dangerous ops, but managed to survive.

After Reach he returned to Gannymede, only to be reunited with Team Cutlass. They fought on Earth and many later conflicts.

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