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Andrew Q. Zimmer
Biographical information


Date of birth

March 14, 2623

Physical description





5' 9"

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Angelis Security Patrol


Andrew Quinton Zimmer was a detective of Angelis City, working for the 13th precinct of the Angelis Security Patrol, also known as the Angelis Police. A relatively young detective, Andrew would be determined to keep the peace in the streets of Angelis City, cracking down to become an APS legend and eventually, police commissioner.


Andrew was born as Laszlo Heccord Poole in Bordertown, a small town located in the farmlands on the edge of Angelis City. His father, a farmer, and his mother, a florist, would push Andrew to get his education and become a doctor. His entire childhood, they would shove the responsibility of becoming rich and taking care of his family down his throat. Fed up with being pressured to do something he didn't want to do, Andrew ran away to Angelis City, the massive nearby metropolis. In retrospect, going here was a bad idea seeing as out of his entire eleven years of life, Andrew had only been to the city four times and that was to sell crops with his father.

Walking the streets alone for hours, Andrew would find his way a church and, after sleeping here, would claim to be an orphan by the name of Andrew Quinton Zimmer using parts of names from customers he's met in the past. He'd live at the church's orphanage where he would be encouraged to do what he dreamed, however, Andrew didn't know where his dreams would take him. He ran away from the orphanage when he turned sixteen to find out about himself. For a short period, he would survive by selling drugs but his mind would change the minute Colonial Defense caught his eye.

Traveling to dozens of different colonies would be an amazing and a big step from the urban jungle and the bordering farmlands. Andrew enlisted at the age of seventeen and would begin a seven year tour around the galaxy; visiting such places as Venture, New Harmony, and Earth. During these seven years, he would meet many people, including several police officers, who would inspire him to become a law enforcement officer. After completing his tour, Andrew would return to Angelis with ambitions of becoming an officer.


Andrew has a strong, almost overwhelming, belief in wanting to do and be something significant. Throughout his entire life, he was a nobody and he wanted that to change. This would also cause him to demand respect and even attention as being ignored annoyed him more than anything. He is somewhat arrogant and always tries to prove himself to be someone more skilled than he is.

Thing is, he only seems to be this way with people he's formally met or has an interest in meeting. Around most people, he's pretty quiet and well-mannered, if not full-blown shy. He still struggles with what could have been with his parents and still thinks about their well-being, though he hasn't been back to his family's farm since he was eleven years old.

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