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Ang 'Elhi
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First female Sangheili to achieve the title of Aristocrat


Covenant Separatists


Ang 'Elhi, using the identity Elhi 'Anglee, was one of the few female Sangheili in the Sangheilian military. This was mostly due to the fact that she pretended to be a Male for 13 years, when one of her officers found out about the truth.



Ang started as a Minor Domo Sangheili when joining the Covenant Armed Forces (after disguising herself as a male with the identity Elhi 'Anglee). She advanced in the ranks quickly, but was also demoted once, from Shipmaster back to Ultra because of insubordination.

In 2552, slightly before she was revealed to be a female, she was awarded with the title of Aristocrat by the Hierarchs. Even after her gender was revealed, she had the honor of keeping the title, thanks to a friend - Kha 'Rldaee - who managed to convince the Hierarchs to change their mind.

By the time of the Great Schism, she was approached by the Ascetics, who decided to make her a member, charged with remaining in her post as Ultra, but also to report to the Ascetic leadership about important information. She agreed, and was the first known female member of the ancient organization.

During the time of the Necros War, Ang was made the Grand Admiral by Thel 'Vadam, also known as the Arbiter or the Imporator of the United Sangheili Republic, and also became a member of the Advisory Council.


Ang is muscular and tall to be a Sangheili Female, but also less muscular than many males of her species. Also different from most Elites, despite gender, is the fact that she has blue eyes, while most of the Sangheilian race have brown eyes. She could fake her gender quite easily because of her physical shape, and she could adjust her voice a little, though she later used a voice filter cord during her time in the Covenant Special Warfare Unit.

She managed to fool everyone of her fellow military officers and soldiers, except for the always sharp-eyed Supreme Commander of the Fleet of Particular Justice, later the Arbiter. He reported her to the High Council, and she was demoted because of faking her identity.


Ang has been known to have a very persistent personality, and she has always been determined to finish whatever she starts. She also tries to always keep a promise, failing to do so is dishonorable in her eyes. She also wants to get what she wants, through talk or violence. She has failed in this though; when she was demoted because of having faked her identity for a long time and illegally joining the military.

She can, however, be a really kind person and good friend to those who know her. She has on occasions saved fellow soldiers or officers, risking her own life to do so. She does not, however, like the Hierarchs, as they demoted her because of her faked identity. She also thinks they're arrogant and corrupt.

Early Life

Ang was born the year 2519 on Sanghelios, the Sangheili Homeworld. Born to a family that sought "purity", her parents were ashamed of having a girl, so they left her out in the mountains to die, not even giving her a name. She was found, however, by a poor former Field Master, G'kiur 'Elhiee, and he took her to his home to raise her, giving her the name Ang 'Elhi, after a relative of his. He gave her a poor but nonetheless good childhood, and she never knew about that he wasn't her real father.

When she was a teenager, G'kiur began to teach her in the arts of combat, and she made fast progress. She started to dream about joining the Covenant Military, both as a way to help in the currently on-going Human-Covenant War, and as a way to supply her father with money so he could survive. G'kiur didn't agree to it at first, but he finally gave in, realizing she would do it no matter what. There was just one problem: Under normal circumstances, Sangheili females weren't allowed to join the Armed forces.

Mission History

Human-Covenant War

Necros War

Before the Necros War, Ang successfully became Grand Admiral of the Navy of the United Sangheili Republic, and once again serving as a loyal subordinate to the former Arbiter. Before the Battle of Vespera started, Ang was chosen to lead the Sangheili forces against the Covenant Remnants. However, her opponent was one of the best brute tacticians ever encountered, known as "The Marauder", thus, it was her most challenging battle so far. Nonetheless, the arrival of the Imporator's fleet crushed the Jiralhanae fleet, leaving Ang with the less honorable purpose of sweeping the surviving ships out of the system.

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  • The name is a play on my name, Angelina.

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