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Lyla 'Ewsasee - Verilian 'a Cendumee
Xel Vaxum/Xel - Xel Vaxum
Qur'a 'Morhek - Specops306 (New)
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Vince | Spartan-017 - Sub-71
Subx | Spartan-071 - Sub-71
Odysseus | Spartan-53 - Odysseas-spartan-53
Ronald Earp Dalton | Spartan-?? - Spirit Of Fire
Brittany | Spartan-192 - Kougermasters (New)
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(Open charcter) - Ask me for more details on My talk page


Commissar Kahn | Commander of ODST group Omega - The Wingless
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(Open charcter) - Ask me for more details on My talk page
(Open charcter) - Ask me for more details on My talk page
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(Open charcter) - Ask me for more details on My talk page
(Open charcter) - Ask me for more details on My talk page

Human Teams and Elite Teams

Human teams:

Group One:
Ronald Earp Dalton
Group Two:
Commissar Kahn
Squad of ODST (See above for details)
Group Three:
Spartan Team (See above for details)

Elite team:

Main Team:
Lyla 'Ewsasee
Xel Vaxum/Xel
Qur'a 'Morhek



A Dark shadow passes over a barren and cold landscape, while the shadow is free in any form, the Pelican flies steadily over the continuous scene, bound to its solid path, in the clear sky. As the Pelican, flies on its pre-arranged path set by the pilot, (name) A group of Spartans and ODST Marines sit in the back, preparing to disembark.

"So..... Another mission. Tray, what's the situation down there?" Vince's, head rises, speaking into a comm device.

"Not so good sir! We are under heavy fire! The brutes have overrun the area, we will try to hold them off for as long as possible but we are..... hel...." Comm line shuts off.

"Hmm think that's why they called in the big gunz, isn't that right Ronald?" Subx intently looks.

"Heh, that's right! We are gunna give them hell just like on I05.... Good times." while preparing and checking his M19 SSM Rocket Launcher.

"Hmm… so how long now? The situation sounds pretty bad down there, and I've been aching for some target practice." Odysseus Checking his Hard Sound Rifle.

"They will be fine, remember they are trained for this sort of thing." Ronald replies after loading his pistol.

15 minuets before arrival at alpha point omega team.

"Copy that (name) 15 mins people! So every one pumped?" Subx intently asks

"Marines! Lock and load we are near the alpha drop point, when we get down give em' hell!" Commissar Kahn states abruptly.

"Well with you guys, its gunna be a breeze!" One of the ODST Marines replies.

"Who's the new guy?" Ronald asks cautiously.

"He's an uprising Commissar, a proud fighter, and he has won many battles. He is also a good friend of mine, we crossed paths during the squad breakup at the battle of I04, I was sufficiently wounded while fighting a bunch of brute stalkers, I took them down but they got me in the arm, it was good that he was there to administer first aid or else I would of lost the use of my arm..." Subx replies while patting Kahn on the back.

"You can call me Kahn, Ronald, it is okay I will be honoured to fight with all of you!" Commissar Kahn proudly states.

"Heh in Soviet Russia fight honours you!!" An ODST Marine unwittingly states rudely.

"How dare you!!!" Commissar Kahn puts a pistol to the ODST Marines chest in a fit of anger.

"Whoa man, sorry! Just please don't shoot me sir! I take it back!" ODST Marine panics.

"Don't ever insult my home country! I defended it from those vial brutes!" Commissar Kahn angrily replies.

"Oh did I forget to mention, that Kahn is from Russia.." Subx quietly states.

"Do not worry he didn't know, but it angers me whenever someone states that!" Comissar Kahn calms down and stows his pistol.

"Sorry man..." The ODST marine shakes Kahns hand.

A quite pause fills the hull....

"So... What's with the new attire Odysseus? It's quite a change from the armour that you wore during the I05 battle..." Suby staring at Odysseus scout armour.

"I felt like it, I though it would be better to use because I have been caught before while sniping. I mean I killed them but It didn't make my life any easier, but mind you it did give me something to do." Odysseus looks up after inspection.

"Well, we are gunna need that during this fight. Nicely thought out Odysseus." Ronalds places the pistol in his concealed compartment plate.

"Thanks man. How long now Vince?" Odysseus checking his BR55HB SR.

"(name) How long to alpha point?" Vince talking into his comm device.

We will be arriving in 5 mins, make sure you are all prepared!

"In about five, Odysseus. Are you all ready?" Vince proclaims.

"Yeah, my squad has checked and loaded their weapons!" Comissar Kahn strictly replied.

"Well, here we go, let's give them hell!" Ronald checks his M19 SSM Rocket Launcher one last time...

Banshees are converging on our position! must be brute patrols! Buckle down boyz we are in for an early landing!

As the pelican pilot begins to evade the brutes attacks it dodges the hissing and whining fire of the plasma fire. As the plasma flies past more follow behind it, some hit, gouging armour out of the wings; causing a forced landing of the pelican. The pelican hurdles to the ground, at that moment two unknown banshees take down the brute banshees abruptly, and attempt to further support the pelican.

We have taken heavy damage in the left wing, we will be landing 1 km from the alpha point, use the troop carrier warthog to get there, and I've supplied two other mongooses for the Spartans, before we hit the ground I will detach them so they won't be crushed by our pelican....


Before the Palican hits the ground, the pilot releases the vehicles, they hit the ground and the suspension takes most of the abrupt landing, then out of the sky the Pelican barely misses the warthog troop carrier and plows into the ground. A plume of snow and dirt fills the air after impact.

As the Snow and dirt settles the two banshees land. Two figures Emurge... One figure in Combat armour shakes her head, and the other figure in Assault armour looks at the other elite.

"Damm we are too late..." The Assault armour elite checks the pelican.

"No.... We were so close. Get the Pelican open see if anyone survived Xel Vaxum." As the Combat armoured elite checks the vehicles.

"Wait I hear something in the hull of the vehicle! quick Lyla 'Ewsasee, there maybe survivors!" Xel Vaxum rushes to the back of the pelican.

"Lucky the pelican didn't explode, must of hit a soft spot." Lyla 'Ewsasee Looks down at the pelican.

"Hmm should we help them by pulling the pelican out of the ground?" As Xel Vaxum studies the possible grapple points on the pelican.

"Do you seriously want to rattle them? We need to first establish contact with the humans inside the pelicans." Lyla 'Ewsasee Walks over to the pelican and begins to bang on the wall of the hull.

"Hello is there anyone In there?... If you can hear us buckle down because we will be pulling the pelican out of the ground."

Lyla 'Ewsasee starts moving over to the banshees.

"Change of plans?" Xel Vaxum starts to follow Lyla 'Ewsasee.

"We've been here too long we need to start moving, now!" Lyla 'Ewsasee ropes the banshee to the pelican and throws some rope to Xel Vaxum.

As the two elites finish attaching the banshees to the pelican, they manage to pull the pelican out of the ground very slowly. Afterwards they land, they untie the ropes and attempt to awaken the pilot.

"Hello! pilot of this pelican, please respond!" As Xel Vaxum bangs the glass of the pelican.

"Hmmm one sec there is someone moving inside the pelican, I can hear it." Lyla 'Ewsasee places her head up against the metal hull.

As the two elites step back from the hull of the pelican they see the back plate open slowly....

"Woah that was an unexpected landing, mind you I had a thought it wasn't gunna be easy getting here" Ronald stumbles out of the pelican.

"Heh should have bought some pillows if I knew this landing was going to be interesting but hey at least we are alive." Subx stumbles out of the pelican laughing to quickly draw his Battle Rifle within seeing the two figures that had stood back.

"What's going on out there? ODST marines off your asses and on to your feet! We have company!" Commissar Kahn quickly runs out with his Battle Rifle drawn followed by six other marines with their weapons drawn.

As the ODST and Spartans tighten the trigger on their weapons while looking upon the shadowy figures, they step forwards revealing that they are elites.

"Don't shoot! We are only here to help you, we even dragged your crashed pelican out of that crater it created." Lyla 'Ewsasee steps forwards with her weapons hoisted on her back plate.

"Yeah, we heard that the brutes were assaulting a small human base, we thought you were on your way to defend this encampment and we thought we could follow to help. Because during our travel with a phantom to our disembarking point, we strangely lost track of the phantom, and then laterwards spotted your pelican under attack by those vial brutes, so we extinguished their banshees and came down to help you." Lyla 'Ewsasee and Xel Vaxum both alternate between sentences.

"Let me guess.... Covenant Separatist?" Odysseus steps out of the pelican with Vince and the (Pilot).

"You sure did do a damm good job of taking down those brutes, if they weren’t we would of been surely..." (Pilot) walks up to the elites and shakes their hands.

"Thankyou all! We will be both honoured to fight by your side!" Both elites proudly proclaim.

"So what's the new game plan?" Ronald looks at Subx and Vince

"Well, since we have been cut short we will have ride the rest of the way to alpha point." Subx answers reluctantly answers.

"No, I will stay back and administer repairs on my bird's wing! You guyz go ahead and fight the brutes, I will catch up later." The (Pilot) puts his/her hand on subx's shoulder.

"Hmm since you will be staying back I will get these two to provide support for you just in case. ODST marines! I want two of you to stay back and protect our pilot!" Commissar Kahn looks at his marines sharply.

"We will stay back!" Two marines step forwards.

"There now we can go, the rest of you assemble! We have to leave now!" Commissar Kahn points at the overturned warthog.

"You two, I stored two Rocket launchers in the pelican and two Battle rifles just in case if we run out of ammo, If you know how to use them arm your selves quickly and set up a defensive parameter, as for us we will be heading towards to alpha point, keep on Comm line 17, because I will always answer!" Vince begins to walk over to a mongoose with Odysseus after talking to the two marines.

"Let's roll people! We don't have much time the elites have scouted ahead! We need to leave now!!" Subx Proclaims to the other drivers; Commissar kahn and Odysseus.

"Damm, man why do I have to drive this warthog? I wanted to go via mongoose!" Commissar kahn laughs.

"Heh we won't forget what you did on I04! That's why I only want you to drive in a dire situation... heh" Subx laughs.

"Well are we going?" Ronald jumps on the back of Subx's mongoose with a loaded rocket launcher.

"Let's roll!!!!" Ronald proclaims....

Hitting the Road

As the snow resides like the vast desert back on earth. The cold wind carries snow across the endless scene, the scene remains a testament to the calm before the storm of a war, two mongooses and a warthog fly over head of a dune at full speed.

"How long till we arrive at alpha point Vince?" Odysseus tries to speak over the rumble of the mongoose engine.

"Not long! Keep an eye out for enemy movement! I have a feeling we aren’t alone!" Vince yells out to Odysseus and the other drivers close by.

As the vehicles roar across the subtle field, two brute choppers quickly cut across the field to try and collide with the warthog Commissar Kahn is driving. With this they too begin to fire iron spikes at the mongooses....

"Crap! Hang on boyz! The brute's have spotted us! They are going to make this ride a little more 'difficult'." Commissar Kahn sharply turns the warthog steering wheel to avoid the brute charge.

"Define difficult sir!" the passenger states abruptly.

"I'm on it!" Ronald and Odysseus bring up their weapons to bare.

As the warthog and mongooses dodge the fire and charging of the brutes choppers, Ronalds aims at the first chopper with his rocket launcher, his grip tightens on the trigger, the chopper begins to cool down from the instant boost. Then he fires.... The missile hurdles towards the front of where the chopper is going and then it hits, utterly destroying the vehicle.

Then as the second chopper begins to boost, the driver falls out of the seat dead, Odysseus laughs and puts his Hard sound rifle away.

"Heh that was a good shot Odysseus!" Vince proclaims

"Thanks man I've been itching to do that all day!" Odysseus laughs

"Woah man, nice shot! Like the touch of utter destruction!" Subx looks at the wreckage while driving past.

"One shot one kill!" Ronald puts away the rocket launcher.

"We have arrived at alpha point!" Vince stops his vehicle and walks over to the five drop pods.

"Finally... What's in the pods" Ronalds gets off the back of Subx's vehicle and walks over.

"A small weapons cache for my ODST squad I ordered it to be dropped in, since we thought we were going to make it...." Commissar Kahn busts open the pods and throws the ODST their special weapons.

Two banshees land and Lyla 'Ewsasee and Xel Vaxum run over to the spartan group.

"So this is where you going to land.... Why here?" Lyla 'Ewsasee studies the environment.

"Hmm It is quite dull...." Xel Vaxum looks at Lyla 'Ewsasee.

"But that's what we want the brutes to think...." Commissar Kahn turns around after arming the ODST.

"Before our encampment or base was made on this ring, we made an underground base to give protection during an event like this, aka a bunker." Subx quietly states.

"Now where is the door?" Ronald kicks the snow around.

"Before you try to find the door here." Commissar Kahn throws a scaner to Ronald.

"Ah that would help just a bit." Ronalds laughs.

"So now we have to find the door? Do you have anymore scanners?" Odsseyus walks over to commissar Kahn

"Here." He hands another scanner to Odsseyus

"Ohhhh I've got something over here!" Ronalds waves to Commissar Kahn.

As the team walks over, Ronalds shares his scanner with Commissar Kahn.

"Excellent!" Commissar Kahn proclaims.

"Team get the heat discs!" Commissar Kahn gets a small black disc, and places it on the ground as the rest of the ODST does.

"Step back everyone, this might take a second." One of the ODST marines steps back.

As the team moves back to a safe distance, the snow quickly melts revealing a huge metal door.

"Cool, lets roll!" Odysseus and Vince Runs over to the vehicles with the other elites to bring over to the door.

"Well how do we get this open?" One of the ODST troops kicks the door.

"Well.... one sec" Subx opens one of his concealing gun panels to bring up a blue disc.

Subx places the blue disc on the engraved circular panel and the ground begins to rumble, the snow begins to shift, and the door begins to slide open revealing the entrance with stairs and a vehicle ramp.

"After we prepare in the bunker we will use its tunneling system to get to the attacked base." Commissar Kahn looks at Subx.

"Yes but wait for a sec..." Subx stops walking and puts his hand on his comm device.

"Beta base how are you holding up?" Subx steadily talks

"So far we have managed to hold them off quite well we have got some of the wounded back in action. Yes the brutes are pushing on our defenses quite hard, but we will hold..... A....." Comm line shuts of unexpectedly.

"Dimmit, I hate Brutes. Do they have anything better to do?" Commisar Kahn looks up from the scanner.

"Obviously no…. Due to the fact of them attacking your human base. Oh and we have moved all the vehicles inside." Lyla 'Ewsasee walks up to Subx and Commissar Kahn.

"Fair enough..." Subx looks at Lyla 'Eweasee.

"Well let's go inside we don't need to be caught out now..." Commissar Kahn puts away the scaner.....

An old path

It dosen't work...

As the giant metal hulk grinds along the Ice to close off the base from the harsh cold blizzard outside, everyone struggled going down the long staircase...

"Well gentlemen while we are stumbling down these god forsaken stairs, why don't we play a game of I spy, obviously I go first... I spy with my little eye.. something begging with M." An ODST marine states out loud while looking around.

"Well let me guess.... Metal?" Ronald quickly replies.

"No." The ODST marine quickly and rudely replies.

"Then what is it? You better make this good!" Commissar Kahn replying to the rude response.

"Metallic! get it? Metal is metallic!" The ODST laughs.

"Remind me why I'm working with you please" The other ODST stumbles sharply down the frozen stairs...

Seven Minuets later...

"Well gentlemen! We have made it down the stairs! Are we missing anyone?" Ronald looks around for a switch board.

"Nah mate... We are all here. Let's find a switch board, make our lives easier I'm sick of seeing green!" Odysseus ventures into another room with Vince.

As every one stumbles in the dark entrance area trying to find the power board, a small crack comes from the corner of the room...

"Ah ha! found it!" Subx Pulled down all the switch board components.

"DAMM!" The sound of guns loaded and aimed, echoes out of the room Vince and Odysseus went into.

Subx sprints in with his Shotgun loaded and Ronald takes Subx's Battle rifle and follows closely behind... As he enters the room cautiously but swiftly, they see Vince and Odysseus staring at a dead body in the corner of the small armoury room...

"Well what happened here?" Ronald shifts closer to the body...

"Maybe the brutes were here, see?" Odysseus Harshly pulls an iron spike out of the wall above the dead body...

"Damm man, if you say so, but it looks like this pistol was fired though just awhile ago... Mind you this person looks like they just recently died..." Ronald drops the deceased persons hand back into his lap.

"Hey where did Subx and Vince go?" Ronald looks up, and starts to look around the room.

"Umm we can worry about that later..." Odysseus yells to Ronald.

"Why? Oh what... the Hell!" Ronald sees that Odysseus moved the person to show a gaping hole in the back of dead body.

Commissar Kahn runs in with his team, "We have to buckle down! This may seem odd but while we were scanning the first component of the structure we have picked up other organic life! We better hope that Organic life is team two!"

"What happened here? ODST! Assemble! I want this Armoury locked down!" Commissar Kahn walks over to the dead body while his team runs off in all different directions to check the doors.

"Jesus... Let me guess recently dead? What caused the hole?" Commissar Kahn inspects the body.

"We don't know what caused it, but whatever did this, looks like it actually tore out the back." Ronald Looks up to see the two Elites come in with their weapons drawn.

"We saw your troops running around, what happened. Oh..." Lyla 'Ewsasee sees the body first.

"Oh no..." Xel Vaxum notices the body.

"These wounds seem terribly familiar..." Xel Vaxum picks up the body...

"Do you think it's..." Lyla 'Ewsasee looks at Xel Vaxum and the body...

As Lyla 'Ewsasee was about to finish her sentence, the metal door down the other room begins to take hits. The loud banging grabs the attention of the three ODST, they rush over with shotguns drawn.

"BURN defiling creatures!" An Elite's voice echoes followed by Plasma fire and hissing from the other side of the door.

"Hey I heard something behind this door! If you can hold them off I'll try to grab their attention or just I’ll blow up the door." A Spartan's voice fellow’s shortly after the Elites voice.

"No! Blowing up the door is too risky! We want to stop these things from getting fully through." Another Spartans voice is heard follow by more plasma fire and disembodied sounds.

Quick! Prepare and Leave!


Destination Reached, Destination Decimated

The Mongoose they rode in on

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