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She was born in the colony of Orion III in 2532, then her parents both being marines she was given to her uncle at the age of 5. She lived with her aunt and uncle for 15 years before joining her parents in military, only she as a medic. After college she began to fight the battles against the covenant, doing her best to be useful.

Military Career

She was involved with a huge battle, going to the front lines with a company of marines she began to attend to the wound. The Company was in a dead zone where their radios stopped working, so they didn't know that the Covenant had broken through the lines and they were in enemy territory. The shelling began on the Covenant and they were caught in it. Most died and the shrapnel damaged both of her arms and put her in critical condition. After winning the battle they recovered her in critical and gave her to Section Three of ONI.

ONI Project

They began to test out new prothetic limbs on her. Amputating her arms they implanted the new ones. these new ones were metal and most of the time harvest the electric inputs from her brain and made the limb move accordingly. because of the motorized arms she has greater strength in her arms. This new strength and special training ONI gave her allowed her to become the first of a new breed of marines. ONI gave her new fighting training, her training as a medic also applied. She now serves in Charlie Company of V battalion in Fleet Seven. She has been known to use her new strength in combat as well as helping the injured. Examples of these are breaking bones and tearing limbs of with her bare hands and making splints out of spare metal, bending them to the right shape.

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