Incident Report - Eyes Only

SUMMARY: ███████ Anomaly Detected. Alpha Team sent in to investigate.

    Alpha Team Leader: Captain J█████
    Alpha Two: Sergeant Major L██████
    Alpha Three: Sergeant T████
    Alpha Four: Corporal S██████

>>The following is a transcript of Alpha Leader's post-mission report.
>>Accessing this record without proper authorization is punishable by immediate termination.

/start file/

It's not often you get a call for underwater excursions these days. Guess that's why they called us. We were some of the few trained for EVA operations, and being trained for hard vacuum was about as close to SCUBA training as one gets these days.

Excuse me... I need a drink.

>>Speech pauses, and the sound of J█████ rising from their seat and opening a fridge is heard.
>>There is the pop consistent with the opening of a bottle heard as the Captain returns to their seat.

The original mission was to investigate [REDACTED] as a suitable location for mining operations and a strategic military base. However our sensors detected something in [REDACTED], and we were dispatched to investigate.

We hit water about 0701. Earliest time of the day the sun was up, so it was deemed the safest. The oceans of [REDACTED] are crystal clear, meaning the light coming off [REDACTED] penetrates for miles into the water before even starting to dim. Lack of pollutants also means the air is clear.

Each one of us was in an EVA suit hardened for deep dives. It's basically a heavily modified ODST Trident suit. We were all armed with hardened M12 SMGs and sidearms, and with enough explosives to blow our way through a battleship's armor plating. Sergeant T████ had a brand new plasma torch out of procurement capable of cutting through just about everything. Maybe even Hunter armor.

/end file/

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