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The Antecedents were a race that came to high technological advancements around 5,000 years after the Precursors. The Antecedent weaponry is similar in many ways to that of Precursor weaponry, the only difference is the fact that unlike the Precursors, the Antecedents were planning on total galactic control and enslaving all other species that got in their way.

Antecedent Empire
Political information
Type of government

Speciesist Fascist Empire

Head of State

Supreme Council

Head of Government

Supreme Council


Supreme Council

Executive branch

Supreme Council

Legislative branch

Supreme Council

Judicial branch

Supreme Council

Societal information


State religious body


Historical information
Date of establishment

Roughly 725,000 BC

Date of dissolution




The Antecedents came in many shapes and sizes. The Antecedent officers, who were also the controllers of their empire were experimented on in order for the Antecedents to create their own perfect race in which they would follow.

The standard Antecedent was bipedal and stood at 1.8 Metres. They had facial features resembling that of a Komodo Dragon, and they had grey scales. Their eyes were blood red and their sight was slightly more advanced then that of the Precursors. They had more powerful muscles which allowed them to outrun most enemies, but they had bad hearing capabilities and were highly susceptible to temperatures below 19o Celsius.

The Antecedent officers were much different then normal Antecedents. They stood at 2 metres tall and had much more humanoid characteristics. Antecedent officers almost always wore silver armour when walking around that covered their entire body. However, unlike the ornate armour used by elites and brutes, this armour offered no extra protection and often limited their movement.


Mechanized Exoskeleton/Infantry

The Infantry variant of the Antecedent exoskeleton stood at approximately 10 Metres in height. It was powered by a small antimatter generator built into its back which also powered the 50mm rotary cannon built into its left arm. Built into its right arm was a pincer that was used to cut apart enemy emplacements. The pilot sat in a cockpit in the middle of the machine where there was a built in holographic screen that included things such as an aiming reticule, SONAR, a motion tracker, thermal, a map of the surrounding area, and heat monitors. Although this provided little protection for the pilot,the machine was cheap to produce.

Mechanized Exoskeleton/Support

The Support variant stood at 9.8 Metres in height. It was powered by a small antimatter generator built into its back which also powered the heavy 85mm Antimatter cannon built into its left arm. In its right arm was a large blade used for hacking apart enemy buildings and vehicles. The rest of the design is similar that of the Infantry variant, with the exception of the body and the pilots seat having slightly more armour, and armour that covered more area.


Antimatter Rifle Mk-II

This weapon is largely a copy of the Antimatter rifle used by the Precursors. The only difference is that it lacks a bayonet, and has a longer and thinner barrel. Although this gave the gun slightly less accuracy, slightly less range, and only half the stopping power per shot, it compensated for it by having the ability to fire in three-bursts as well as semi-auto.


Ultimately, the Antecedents would go on to become one of the oldest surviving species in the galaxy, despite what the Precursors did to them. Due to the cold caused by the Terra Forming (which turned the planet into an icy wasteland), all of the regular Antecedents died off, but the officers survived. Eventually, over the course of thousands of years the Antecedents evolved into a new species that was similar to them, but had more human characteristics as a way to survive on the planet.

When the Halo arrays were activated by the Forerunners, a Precursor shielding system that was placed onto the planet to stop any other species from discovering them blocked the effects. However, this also overloaded the system which was destroyed almost immediately afterwards.


  • Antecedent is a synonym of Precursor
  • The idea for the Antecedents was inspired by a series of lego mechs, and the fact that the robotic pilots of some of them resembled reptilian creatures.

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