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Commander Anthony Kire was a high-ranking member of the Office of Naval Intelligence and influential in the ONI command structure. Kire participated in several important events in the Human-Covenant War.

Early life

Born to an Armenian father and an Italian mother in the city of Annapolis, Maryland on February 16, 2520. Anthony excelled in school and graduated 4th from his high school. He was quickly accepted to the UNSC Naval Academy and became interested in ONI. While at the Naval Academy, he briefly became involved with his classmate, Cassandra Fenderson. He graduated second from the Naval Academy and was accepted into ONI.

Early career

Anthony was promoted to a full Lieutenant in 2547 after working in S1 recon for 3 years. This assignment made him trust and respect the ODST who often worked alongside him. Needing a change of pace, Kire requested a transfer to a Research base. ONI moved him to Cloud Outpost which was located on Tribute. He was read into the INFERNO program in which he served as a testing engineer. The purpose of the program was to create Bio-weapons that specifically targeted Covenant physology. The program was canceled in 2550. Not enough Covenant were ever captured alive for INFERNO to get the definite results it needed. Anthony was also cleared to work with advanced AI. In 2550, he was given a "smart" known as Victoria. Victoria's avatar was a young women in a lab-coat.

Battle of Reach

Early Battle

In 2552, Anthony was selected to command ONI Recon 104 and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. He was transferred to the Olympic Tower in New Alexandria about 1 month before the Battle of Reach. Unknown to his superiors, Anthony had brought an Energy Dagger from his previous assignment. After Winter Contingency was declared, Commander Kire requested the use of Spartans for deep reconnaissance missions. Command reluctantly agreed to Kire's request and sent units such as Beta Red and Noble team on such missions. Anthony also sent some of his own operatives on such missions up until the August 15 of 2552. One of his 4 man squads, operating under the name Umbra 2-1, went MIA while in Viery territory. Kire blamed their disappearance on himself and immediately suspended all operations. This upset Command, which immediately transferred 8 of his 11 agents.

Siege of New Alexandria

On August 18, 2552, New Alexandria was attacked by a flotilla of Covenant Corvettes. Lieutenant Baker and Ensign Petit (two of Kire's remaining operatives) were both in the Sinovet Center and killed by a pack of Brute Stalkers. Kire was at the telecom center with Lieutenant Junior Grade Sampson. The duo fended off Skirmishers and fought their way to the Club Errera. Kire took command of Bravo 4-1 which was a unit of 8 Army troopers that were conducting civilian evacuations. Bravo 4-1 rescued 33 civilians from Club Errera. Pelicans soon arrived to transport the civilians to Starport Exit. Bravo 4-1 volunteered to hold the landing pad and continue to help in evacuations while Kire and Sampson boarded a Falcon bound for Olympic Tower. While en route, Kire received new orders. He was to lead a team of ODSTs and recover ONI scientists, or at least their data, from their labs across the city. Kire and Sampson then linked up with Zulu 2, a unit of 6 ODSTs. They recovered all 10 scientists that day. From the 19 - 22nd, Kire took command of all UNSC forces at Jovo Tower which contained 3 landing pads and a rail station that could be used for civilian evacuation. Kire placed one rocket team at each of the landing pads and placed the remainder of his soldiers at specific choke points such as elevators, maintenance shafts, and bridges. Kire also created a temporary hospital in the atrium of the 17th floor using just 5 medics. Over 4 days, 1128 civilians were evacuated to Starport exit from Jovo tower. On the 23rd of August, missile defense was taken offline by Brute strike teams. One of the corvettes heavily damaged Jovo tower with plasmas torpedoes. Kire and Sampson boarded a Pelican for Olympic tower, while the remaining troopers were sent to reinforce several functioning evacuation zones. Kire stayed at Olympic tower while Sampson left for hospital to check on his sister, who was stationed there. After Noble Team disabled communication jammers around the city, Anthony and everyone in Olympic tower were given the order to evacuate. After Noble Six took out all the anti-air turrets, Kire departed on board the Pelican "Whiskey 37".

Looking for Umbra 2-1

The pelican landed at the Norograd Communication Station on the 24th. Anthony requistioned a Falcon which arrived at Norograd on the 25th. He then set off into the mountains so he could find some evidence of what happened to Umbra 2-1. The crew thought it was a suicide mission, and was near insubordinate during the next day. However, at 2130 on the 26th, one of the gunner's spotted a Recon helmet near a cliffside. Anthony ordered the Falcon to land. Kire entered the cave and found the bodies of 4 operatives pinned to the wall with spiker rounds. Anthony removed them from the wall, closed their eyes, and retrieved their dog tags. He boarded the Falcon and ordered the pilot to return to Norograd. As they were taking off, Victoria informed the crew that Norograd had been hit by a CCS battlecruiser and all forces were in retreat.


Victoria recommended that they go to Aszod which the UNSC still had control over. The Falcon suffered a mechanical failure on the 28th, and had to land still 500 miles east of Aszod. Kire and the 3 crew members commandeered a couple of Mongeese ATVs and drove the rest of the way, arriving in the early hours of the 29th. Here, Kire met Cassandra Fenderson for the first time in 11 years. She was in command of a Black - Cat subprowler known as "Fourth Horseman". She informed Anthony that the Fourth Horseman was being refitted and rearmed after it destroyed a Corvette 1 hour earlier, but the process would take 2 days. The "Fourth" as it was referred to by its crew, had a small security detail of 14 marines, who were heavily outnumbered by the estimated 6 Covenant strike teams that were en-route to the refit site. Kire took personal command of the defenses, and employed similar strategies to the one's he used in New Alexandria. Covenant forces landed at 1900 on the 29th. The Marines were able to hold back the assaulting Brutes, but an Anti-Air Wraith started firing at the Marines, and attempting to disable the starship.4 of the 14 Marines were killed in the barrage, but the Fourth received minimum damage. At 2000, a Warthog convoy from Norograd arrived at the site, destroyed the Anti-Air Wraith, and pushed back the remaining attackers except for a Brute Chieftain and his escorts. The Chieftain used a gravity hammer to destroy one of the Warthogs and kill another Marine. Fortunately for the humans, Anthony used his contraband Energy Dagger to assassinate the Brute Chieftain from behind.

Escape from Reach

At 0440 on August 30, the Fourth was fully refitted and prepared for dust off. During the takeoff sequence, Lieutenant Commander Fenderson received word that RSO Fermion had detected incoming Covenant vessels. Due to the minimal armament carried on "Black Cat" class starships and their stealth features, NAVCOM assigned the 'Fourth to act as a support and exfiltration craft for the Gauntlet Team, a unit comprised of Spartan-IIIs. Kire and the surviving soldiers boarded the Fourth. While en route to the location of Gauntlet Team, Covenant ships attacked the UNSC in the skies above. Dropships descend to the planet's surface, but the Fourth managed to destroy at least 8 with its weapons. At 0558,the Eclipse arrived at Kissinger Forward Operating Base. The 5 surviving Spartans of Gauntlet Team board the Fourth. Kire gave his Energy Dagger to one of Spartans, and told him to "make it count". Gauntlet Team is transported from Kissinger FOB to Norograd, which the Covenant have taken over. The Fourth goes into suborbital flight and opens fire on incoming dropships. At 0627, Kire received information from Victoria that Cole Protocol was not successfully carried out at Training Facility Juliet. The Fourth is forced to leave Gauntlet Team without aerial support, and proceeds to Training Facility Juliet. Arriving at 0647, Kire and 5 Marines entered the facility. The squad encounter 4 Elite Rangers, but is successful in dealing with them. However, Kire suffered a burn on his left arm and one of the Marines is wounded. The squad continued on with one less member, and encounter light resistance to the laboratory. Kire uploads Victoria into the mainframe, who then proceeds to wipe out all information. The squad hurried out of the facility and retreated to the Fourth. At 0708, the Fourth Horseman reached suborbital flight. Fenderson ordered the crew to move the ship back to support Gauntlet Team. 30 seconds away from Gauntlet Team's location, a Covenant Cruiser launches a barrage of plasma torpedoes at Norograd. All communication is lost from Gauntlet Team at 0719. One minute later, a general order is issued saying that the MAC guns are offline and all ships are to retreat. Fenderson wanted to continue searching for Gauntlet, but Kire persuaded her otherwise. At 0722, the Eclipse made a slip space jump to Charybdis XI. Due to stealth features, the subprowler was able to elude Covenant hunting patrols.

ONI Valletta

On September 14, Kire and crew of the Fourth Horseman arrived at Io Station. Kire received the Silver Star from Fleet Admiral Lord Terrence Hood on September 16 for his actions during the Fall of Reach. On September 17, Kire was promoted to Commander and appointed as the new Commanding Officer for the ONI command center in Valletta, Malta. Kire officially took command on September 19 and greatly upgraded the defenses of the facility. 2 M8 Wolf Spider Turrets and 2 Missile Defense launchers were fit into the facility, in addition to the 100mm thick Titanium Bulkhead, that replaced the old steel entrance. Kire allowed Victoria to upgrade the electronic databases and improve electronic controls. Kire used civilian workers for further upgrades and fitted a vehicle depot capable of fielding a Scorpion Battle Tank. Lastly, a backup evacuation bunker was build 1 kilometer west of the center with an AI controlled rail system connecting the two facilities. With his facility well-defended, Kire refocused his attention on his personnel and began testing their prowess not only in their fields, but their ability to do their jobs under pressure and under enemy fire.

Battle of Earth

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