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Anti-Flood Grunts
Species and equipment information


Political and military information
Mission types

Missions with the Flood Arbiter


"The burning shots of the Flood Arbiter"

Notable members



Anti-Flood Grunts are a select few of the greatest Grunts that the Flood Arbiter can use, or if the Flood Arbiter needs a decoy to escape or distract he will choose the weakest and most cowardly.


This rank is only temporary and is very common when a Flood Arbiter has been named.If one survives his mission and temporary time as one the Grunt usually is promoted to Ultra or Special Operation.


As with the Flood Arbiters armor the Anti-Flood Grunts armor is much denser, holds more methane and if the grunts life signals are gone before the fail safe is turned off the armor will explode in a methane caused explosion.The armor also contains a small recharging energy shield that is very weak, it only takes three infection forms to completely drain the shields.

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