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Antimatter-Tipped Shiva Missile
Production information
Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit


Maximum Ammunition

1 (when attached to F/A 712 Scimitar Multirole Fighter)

Rate of Fire

single launch


high (guided)


Covenant Antimatter Charge


anyting capable of destroying launch vessel





Prior to 2552, the UNSC could not produce more than a gram of antimatter even in their most complex labs. However, Late in the Human-Covenant War, the UNSC managed to capture a Covenant Antimatter production device The device was delivered to CERN in Switzerland, where the UNSC immediately began research into the operation and construction of the device. UNSC Scientists successfully figured out how to operate the device and produced six antimatter warheads in the year 2552. These prototype warheads were fitted onto Shiva missiles. The first of these weapons was loaded into an F/A 712 Scimitar Multirole Fighter piloted by then-Major Ross East, who succeeded in firing the antimatter missile at the Covenant Assault Carrier Divine Vengeance, resulting in the annihilation of the Assault Carrier and the death of all on board, including the Prophet of Hostility. Later, in 2557, UNSC scientists finally completed the first man-made antimatter generator. After that, Antimatter Shivas were mass-produced until 2590, when they were phased out in favor of the ARMAGEDDON, CATACLYSM, and APOCALYPSE Antimatter Missiles.


The warhead size of an Antimatter Shiva can vary greatly, but all sizes use the same system of keeping a sphere of antimatter suspended in a vacuum in the center of the warhead by electromagnetic field. Upon hitting a target, the kinetic energy of impact smashes the delicate systems maintaining the vacuum and the antimatter and the matter in the missile contact and instantaneously annihilate each other, converting 100% of the mass of the antimatter and an equal size chunk of matter into energy, causing in explosion unparalleled by a nuclear warhead or MAC round.


Antimatter Warhead sizes and yields

Formula for antimatter yield: pounds of antimatter x 100= number of nuclear warheads needed to equal destructive force.


"Holy Shit!!!, short of a supernova, that must be the biggest explosion anyone has ever seen" -F/A 712 Scimitar Multirole Fighter pilot Ross East upon destroying a Covenant Assault Carrier with a single missile.

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