Terminal This article, Apex Soldier, was written by 144-Patient Appelant. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
Apex soldiers are large bipedal machine drones created by Apex. They are extremely resilient and Strong machines with the same body shape as a Human. In late 2636, Apex is able to search through UNSC files and discover schematics for the Heavy Orbital Drop Shock Troopers armor. Apex uses these blueprints to begin production on his army. Apex soldiers are very similar to HODSTs as they also have powerful muscle fibers, kinetic shielding, and plasma weaponry. The difference between them is that Apex Soldiers have denser armor and more firepower. Also, there is a 100% chance that an Apex Soldier will not fear anything as they are machines and do not have emotions. They usually attack in waves and either lead platoons of tanks or Sentinels. Variations of the Apex Soldier also exists.

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